Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

We spent all weekend celebrating Mother's Day and it was a pretty perfect one. The weather was awesome so we were outside a lot and just enjoyed spending time with family and eating good food.

Mother's Day 2017
Look at how big my babies are! They have grown like weeds this spring. They keep me busier and I haven't had as much time to document things so it feels like they are growing even faster. Let's also give a shout out to the amazing hydrangeas we got at Lowes about a month ago. They are rockstar plants!


These are hysterical to me. They said that what was impressive about Jack's is that they didn't have to prompt him at all for answers, he knew exactly how he wanted to answer each question ha! Georgia saved herself on the age thing by adding 24 to lessen the blow of 60! I will cherish these questionnaires forever.

We hosted my mom's family for Mother's Day this year. I loved having everyone together like old times. Paige is leaving soon so we are enjoying all the time we can.

Paige's first Mother's Day. I'm so glad we got to spend her first one together.

I've had such wonderful motherly examples in my mamaws, mom and sister. I'm so thankful for them.

Saturday we visited my mamaw and picked the strawberries out of her patch. She hadn't picked them since Wednesday so we had a pretty big harvest to tend to. The kids lasted about five minutes and then they found their garden tools and decided playing in the dirt was more fun :) Mamaw and I picked for about an hour and a half and ended up with a pretty good load!

I received two beautiful dresses from Marcus and the babes, a personalized G & J bracelet from Mark and Shannon and precious homemade gifts from the kiddos. I am blessed beyond measure. I'm so thankful for everyone who made Mother's Day such a special one.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week and Weekend

April came and went in a minute it felt like. I have a feeling that May is going to be the same way. Here's what we have been up to-

We had Jack's two year check up last week and sister tagged along for a follow-up hearing test. I was by myself so they greatly outnumbered me but we survived. Jack had a great check-up, he is growing and developing right on schedule. His height was 35.25 inches so if you double that as they say you can to determine their adult height he will be over six foot tall. He continues to be in the 95th percentile for height, 25th percentile for weight.

We rechecked Georgia's hearing because she did not pass her hearing screening at her four year checkup. She didn't pass this time either which was disappointing for us, I was really hoping she was having an off day and that there was nothing to worry about. She did have an ear infection with a ruptured ear drum about a month ago so she could still be healing. And she has had lots of ear problems since she was eight months old so it's possible her hearing could just be delayed. In her right ear she could not hear below 25 decibels. Her pediatrician wants to wait another six months and then if she is still struggling we will go see an audiologist. I'm praying her hearing is just delayed and she will catch up in the next five months.

Just a storm rolling in over some farmland on our way to town. I feel like I take for granted what a beautiful area we live in.

We went to my grandparent's house Wednesday evening and they had just got their garden tilled and planted. Of course these two had to go squish their toes in it!

And then he wanted to do some shirtless fishing with the big boys.

My biggest challenge every day is getting this boy inside when it gets dark. I love how full of life he is!

Last Friday Rachel and I headed to the Country Living Fair in Nashville. We started this tradition last year and hopefully we can do it for many years to come because it's such a fun day. We go to the fair in the morning and then after lunch we head to the outlet mall in Lebanon. This year we noticed the crowds had greatly increased! The word has gotten out I guess. We didn't find a whole lot because we're both cheap but we did find a few things :)

Some of the siblings took me out for a belated birthday dinner at Steamer. I just decided to celebrate the whole month of April.

So we got a little nervous that he had a broken nose after a rough fall outside but it looks like much better now and he was hardly phased by it. This boy will give me gray hair.

Georgia had the privilege of attending the school play with Daddy of Beauty and the Beast and then had her picture made with Belle herself after the show! She loved it and couldn't stop talking about Gaston and the Prince HA!

She went back to Daddy's classroom and colored a picture of Belle for Belle :)

Since Jack has officially started Aunt Kay's, we have had (still having) an adjustment period. He's had some behavior issues that we are still working on and his hardest thing is naptime because he doesn't understand why he's not in a crib by himself and he just wants to talk the whole time. Anyway, Friday he didn't have any trips to timeout so we rewarded ourselves with Sno Shack. I am a mom that is not above bribery with food.

This weekend we spent as much time as we could outside. Georgia's new fascination is worms. She was kissing this one. She loves them and packs them around all over the yard.

Our neighbor's grandson Carson is Jack's new buddy. Jack prayed for five people the other night with four being family members and the other was Carson. He thinks he hung the moon!

I am a proud mom and a proud plant mom. I received this knockout rose bush two years ago for Mother's Day and it's basically taken over the side of our house. I love this time of year when everything is in bloom.

There's a little catch up of the last few weeks for us. Time please slow down! 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Red White and Two

Saturday we finally were able to celebrate our Jack boy's second birthday with a "Red White and Two" party. A friend of mine on Instagram did this theme for her son a few years ago and I just loved it and filed it in away in my memory for this opportunity. The party was suppose to be outside but the weather was cold and rainy so we moved it inside and just made the most of it. 
The cute party invitations my friend Sara made for me. Love love love them! 

It always gets crazy the last 15 minutes before it's party time and I didn't get as many pictures of the decor as I would have liked but my sister did get a few for me. 

Gina Howard made his adorable cake. It fit the theme perfectly. And we went very simple this year-just cake, cupcakes, fruit, chips and drinks. It's funny how much you mellow with kid #2. Or maybe it's just me HA!


LIke I said it turned off cold this weekend after a warm April so far so I pulled out my patriotic sweater :) Why not!

Not the best picture but the only family picture we got. Love them anyway :)

The birthday boy! He was pretty chill about the whole party thing. Georgia gets so excited for her birthday parties and just thinks they are the best! He was kind of take it or leave it HA! I'm thinking that's a girl versus boy trait. But he was very sweet and mature and thanked people for their gifts and was well behaved. I was so proud of him!

My boy is two. Everything happens so much faster the second time around. I will blink and he will be starting kindergarten. 

Opening gifts and stopping to use his new electric toothbrush he received :)

Riding his new bike from Ma and Pa!

Opening more gifts with help from big sister and his friend Ava.

Like I said there weren't a lot of pictures taken but we had a lot of fun celebrating our boy. He is loved by so many people, we had a house completely full of family and friends! I never could have imagined how much I would love being a boy mom. It's everything I wanted and more. 

Happy Birthday, Jack boy! Bring on year number two! :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jack Starts AKK

I hope I can get caught up with week on all my posts because it's been a busy two weeks celebrating lots of new things for Jack! A big highlight has been Jack becoming an AKK preschooler. Jack stayed at Grandmomma's house three days a week but he was just one-on-one with her. Now he gets to graduate to being downstairs with the other preschoolers including big sister Georgia!

His first official day. He was just a little excited. I still can't believe this day is already here. 

On his first day he got to hold the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and My Country Tis' of Thee :) 

His first coloring sheet. 

He was right on target for a new incoming two year old :) SO proud of him! 

Nap time has been tricky for our boy. It's been an adjustment going from napping in a crib and Grandmomma rocking him sometimes to sleeping on a mat in a room full of his friends. The first day it took him an hour to go to sleep, the second day he never slept (!) and the third day it just took thirty minutes. He just LOVES to talk and has a hard time being quiet HA! He was saying things like "No talking" "Georgia sleeping" "Shut the door". Hopefully next week will go better and he will be napping like a champ soon! 

I'm proud of him and how he is adjusting to AKK. He is going to test limits and will probably have his fair share of timeout visits but he's a good boy with a big personality and even bigger heart :) He's going to learn so much and have so much fun!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Happy Easter! We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our Risen King. Georgia really grasped the true meaning of Easter this year and it reassured us that we are doing what we need to do to teach her about Jesus. We didn't really talk about the Easter Bunny much. He came but that was about it, but they were very excited nonetheless! :)

Thursday was the Easter party at AKK. Jack turned two on Wednesday so he was able to participate this year! He officially starts AKK next week and I still don't know where the past two years went.
They have a long standing tradition of every child bringing a dozen boiled eggs and the kids coloring them and them hunting them for their easter egg hunt.

And of course lots of yummy treats to make the party more fun!

Sweet boy found a few eggs during the hunt.

Eating lunch with his preschool friends. He feels like such a big boy doing this kind of stuff!

Saturday morning before our Easter egg hunt at church we swung by Ma and Pa's house to see the turkey Pa killed.

Daddy hasn't got one yet but he's still got time!

We headed to church for the egg hunt. The weather was perfect! Actually a little too perfect because the chocolate-filled eggs had melted :) But we will take that any day over cold and rainy!

She found 44 eggs and was so proud of herself!

Jack found 20 eggs that included two prize eggs.

We came home, ate lunch, napped and then colored eggs of our own. Jack just got in on the last part of it because of his nap which was probably for the best for everyone's sanity :)

Easter morning 2017
The bunny brought candy, water guns, new pajamas, new flip flops and a few small toys. They were tickled with their loot!

What's Easter without a picture of your babies in bunny ears?!?

We put on our Easter best and got ready for church. We did matching sibling outfits because why not until they form an opinion on their attire :)

My beautiful baby girl. She has grown so much this year.

My beautiful baby boy. We've hit the two's wide open but so far it hasn't been too terrible! Love that sweet smile and voluminous hair.

We didn't have anyone extra at the house to take our family picture so we took turns of taking pictures of each of us with the kids. 

Jack was ready to "play outside" at this point but posed for a split second for me.

Georgia wasn't sure about a picture with her boyfriend on Easter but she finally obliged. And then she was glad she did ;)

We celebrated Easter and my birthday at Mom's after church. No matter how far away my birthday falls from Easter we always do it together and that's fine with me. There's not a better holiday to share the event with!

Sweet Embry babies looking super Easter sweet :) I was so glad we got to spend Easter with Bo this year!

It was a pretty perfect weekend celebrating our King. So very thankful for all my blessings this Easter!