Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Orange Beach-June 2017

The end of June we made a trip to Orange Beach with my Dad and his family for a week of fun in the sun! We were worried Tropical Storm Cindy was going to effect our trip but we timed it so we arrived just as the storm was moving out. We had great weather and made lots of fun memories!

Our view for the week. I have yet to find a beach that I don't love but I just love Orange Beach a little bit more.

Jack has no fear of the water and had a big time swimming in both bodies of water.

Three little Embry sister babies riding a merry-go-round together at Lambert's 

They had such a fun week getting spoiled by Aunt Paige and Uncle "Aragic"

He is about as big as she is HAHA!

Jack made a friend on the beach who could also pass as his twin! Their birthdays are just four days apart and we really enjoyed getting to know this family.

Sweet boys having fun in the sand

Poppa and Deenie helping them build a sandcastle

I brought my Canon and snapped a few pictures one evening at the beach. This one of Paige and Bo is my favorite picture of all time probably!!

All boy!

I love these three so much my heart can't stand it.

Girls are cooperating and the boys are not. Typical.

I wish they could stay this size forever <3

Pure sweetness

Ice cream for dessert just tastes better when you're at the beach

They never want to take pictures with their mama

Puddle jumpers are probably the best invention ever. They both feel very comfortable wearing them and will swim like fish in them!

I brought my good camera and snapped a few pictures one day while they were playing in the ocean. They are water babies.

Sea N Suds for supper one night-one of our favorite spots

The ocean was closed the first day we were there but we still had to at least get our feet wet.

Mr. Cool ready to live the beach life

Catching a picture of him smiling is tricky because he doesn't like having his picture made but Deanna captured one.

Another one of our favorite spots. We go here every time we are in town and it never disappoints!

The boys enjoying some ice cream one night after dinner

Jack loved getting out and playing in the ocean

And going under water! He has no fear of water.

Sister came around to the idea of wearing a swim shirt since it meant having to wear less sunscreen!

We tried a restaurant we hadn't tried before-Ribs and Reds, it was great! We will definitely go back when we are in town again.

But Georgia just wanted a corndog LOL!

Bo Bo was trying to teach Jack how to be a better eater

By the end of the week this was how they felt about getting their picture made together ha!

I'm very thankful for our week at the beach with family before my sister and her family move. This is a week we will never forget!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


A two week absence from the blog means this is going to be a picture overload. We are just busy enjoying the warm weather and lots of outdoor activities. Jack wakes up saying "outschide" and fully expects to stay outside until dark. My house has been somewhat neglected and we go through multiple play outfits a day but these summer days are the best and we are enjoying them to the fullest!

Sister is much braver in the pool this year and will go under some. If she doesn't swim at least once a day she doesn't consider it a successful day :)

We go visit my grandparents almost every Wednesday afternoon and the kids love checking out their garden. They like to work in it too. Each one of them have a watermelon plant that they planted and we check the growth every week. Their garden is so beautiful this year. My mamaw says it's the best garden she can ever remember having.

Nightly baths are also a requirement this time of year. I like my babies to be squeaky clean before bed!

She loves her new fancy swimsuit! She looks like a teenager in this picture I know. It's hitting this momma's heart hard.

Baby Bo Bo loves pool time too!

If you need us on the weekends this summer, this is where you can find us. Jack has no fear of the water and goes wide open the whole time. Georgia frolicks like a little daisy and splashes around :) I love how different their personalities are.

Swimming with cousin Bo will be a highlight from this summer for sure!

Sunday we attended Juleah's bridal shower. We called ourselves the loud and rowdy crowd ;) And I got to hold and love on Baby Ben, my day was made! Her shower was so so nice and Juleah looked gorgeous. I can't wait to stand by her side in August.

I looked out our kitchen window one evening while I was cooking supper and saw this. It warmed my heart because my kids have such a wonderful daddy and I loved that Georgia was showing an interest in a sport! Jack was right there too and was hitting it off the tee before the night was through. I love long summer evenings at home just like this one.
Tuesday night I took the kids to a special class at the library for preschoolers. We had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of our friends! Some things are hard about having kids so close in age but it's also nice when they can both participate in the same activities.

Thursday night we found a five foot chicken snake coiled up in one of our planters! He had to be a dead chicken snake because that's too close for comfort being on our porch!

My mom and dad are keeping Bo this week while my sister and brother-in-law are out of town and mom brought him over to play Thursday evening. He turns one next month and they will be moving shortly thereafter. We are savoring every day with him.

This boy is officially potty-trained!! He has been consistently peeing in the potty for about a month now and now he is pooping! I am so proud of him and a huge shout out to Gram, Ma and Aunt Shanna who helped train him at AKK. They are miracle workers!