Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Fun

It was a weekend full of fun. It looks like this will be the last hot weekend of the year so we spent a lot of time doing outdoor activities. 

Saturday started early for me so I could attend a cross country meet for some of my former runners. I love long distance running (although I don't do it anymore, maybe again someday) and love the kids that I use to coach. They had a great race and made me so proud, as always.   

I can't say enough good things about this girl. She is going to do big things someday in what ever direction the Lord sends her. Love you Hannah Banana! 

And then it was time for some football!
We went to the WKU vs. Vanderbilt game with our friends Steve, Kathrine, Will and Thomas (Georgia's "boyfriend"). It was Georgia and Jack's first college football game. Go Tops! This was also the first time a SEC team has come to play in Bowling Green so we definitely didn't want to miss this game.

Except we kind of did. It was a million degrees so Jack boy lasted about five minutes before he melted down and he and I sent the rest of the half in the concord in the shade. I've never been so hot at a football game. I stripped him down to just his jersey and diaper and let him run free. Georgia Grace Kathrine and Will didn't last much longer and joined us. The dads and Will came out to check on us at halftime and we just decided to catch the bus to our vehicles and go get some pizza. 

Kathrine did snap a picture of the happy couple before we called it quits. We had fun while it lasted! And it's a game we won't forget. I'm so glad they asked us to join them for a fun day with great friends.

Sunday we went to church and to mamaw's for lunch. Georgia looked super cute in her pretty dress but wasn't much for pictures. I did get a smile after I said "poopie" ;)

Keagen came home with us after church for a haircut. The barbershop was moved inside due to the heat so they cut hair in the entryway. When Marcus retires from education, he already has his second career lined up.

Jack napped and we played with dolls. She is a little mommy. She is also guilty of leaving every kitchen cabinet door open just like her own mommy. Daddy will be thrilled (his pet peeve) about this.

And then we blinked twice and it was Monday morning all over again. But it's one week and then vacation so it wasn't too hard of a Monday to get up for. It was actually chilly this morning so we pulled out the fall florals and wide leg ruffle jeans for the occasion. 

Friends, please say an extra prayer for my dear friend and colleague, Linda. She is the kitchen manager at one of our schools and after being hospitalized for a routine illness her condition has become critical and she is in a coma. We do not know what the future holds for her but we know who holds it and trust His plan for her. Her vitals were stable yesterday so we are hopeful she can pull through this. Please please pray.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Back On Track

A little unplanned bloggy break and really for no reason at all. I don't like this trend I have developed lately and I'm making it a priority to fit blogging into my weekly routine! Our lives are too full and fun to not document it to enjoy for years to come. Here's to creating a routine...and sticking to it :)

Another year of dance has started for our tiny ballerina. This year we are trying out a new studio and she is in the "dance school" class where she is learning ballet and tap. She loves it so far. She calls her tap shoes her "high heels" HA! She has a few friends in her class and will make new friends which is always a good thing. 

Her friend Gracyn put her arm around her to make her feel welcome to the new class :) We started her a few weeks late so the first week she was the only one without the matching purple leo but it didn't bother her one bit. The only thing she said was "Mama I didn't have any high heels". She's got them now! She is the smallest and youngest one in her class and her teacher told me that during the first class some of the other girls were treating her like a baby and one even pinched her cheeks, she told me once she proves she can hold her own they won't do that. So funny.

It's a good thing that Ma's dollhouse is sturdy. The life of a baby brother.
On Sunday afternoon we decided it was a good day for some facials. This is Georgia's love language. I have a forever makeup/shopping/baking buddy. 

This week was a big week for me on the job as we launched a new smoothie program district-wide. As I mentioned last month, we received a grant through the USDA, NFL and NDC for this program and after purchasing all the equipment and getting all our ducks in a roll, it was go time! The smoothies were a big success. We ran out at both elementary schools and served breakfast to several BCMS and BCHS students that don't normally eat with us. I'm very pleased with the launch and hope it continues to increase our school breakfast participation.

The four year anniversary of losing Papaw was this week. We miss him everyday but I'm proud his legacy lives on through Georgia, Jack (his twin) and Bo. See you in heaven, Papaw. 

Best friends. We have entered the stage where they realize they have a built-in playmate. I found them in our closet playing together today. The best big sister and little brother.

She's made of sugar and gumdrops and lollipops y'all.

We have a fun weekend on tap and I'll be sure to schedule time to share about it! Have a fabulous weekend friends! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Wrap

We had a really full weekend planned but the weather cancelled a few events so it ended up being a good mixture of activities and relaxing.

Last Friday I ended up with lots of turkey mites or deer ticks, something like that, from the knees down. My legs are a sight. It was a hot week but I didn't dare wear shorts or a dress. They are starting to get better, I'm praying there is no scarring!
We ate at CFA one night last week and Jack reached all the way across the table for a dip in the Polynesian sauce. He thinks he's so big!

I think he stood the whole time we ate.
Friday Georgia Grace started the OWL Academy at North Butler Elementary. It is a program for 2-5 year olds every other Friday from 9a-11a that focuses on early childhood development and kindergarten readiness. A parent (or any adult connected to the child) stays with them for the class. The program is sponsored by the Family Resource Center which is one of the programs I direct so I loved being able to be involved in the program in this way. She was excited to go to a big school like Daddys and to have a backpack :)

The class started with each child practicing tracing their name. Georgia is in the 4/5 year old class so she's one of the youngest but she did a great job with her school work and class participation.
It felt just like my days in kindergarten. It's amazing what a child is expected to know before entering K. A lot of the things they are learning are things I didn't learn until I started school! They worked on the months of the year, the days of the week, counting and letter recognition. Her favorite part of the OWL Academy was the painting :) It is a wonderful program and a great supplement to the preschool that she attends.

Saturday we headed to the football field to watch Keagen play a junior pro game. His team won the game! Keag was excited to see his biggest fans in the stand.

He looked three years old in his fan gear. I think he will be a sports fanatic like his daddy.

We had intentions of either going to an outdoor movie in our town or the Balloons Tunes and BBQ festival but the rain cancelled all of that. We opted for a simple Saturday night instead.

Sunday made up for the slow Saturday. We had two birthday parties, a baby shower and a baptism all in one afternoon. Unfortunately, we couldn't get to everything but we did stay busy with the activities we were able to make. One of my best friends had her baby shower Sunday afternoon. She is due with Baby Ben in November and we just can't wait to love on him! This baby has been prayed for so much and is just a blessing to all of us. Ash looked beautiful as always. James wore a shirt that said "I'm the reason behind the bump" so there's that. Love his sense of humor :)

When your student wants you to come to their baptism, you alter your schedule and make it happen! We're so proud of Ty's decision to follow Christ and his obedience to baptism.

We were so blessed by the service as well. It's neat how things come together full circle sometimes. I was connected to Ty when he was just a baby through his older sister that played ball on the same team as me. Their mom passed away when Ty was in kindergarten and his sister Ashley has stepped up to fill her mom's void and she is doing a great job helping raise such a sweet boy. God is using their family in big ways. God is good!

That's a wrap on our weekend. This week we are looking forward to milder temps and a slower schedule. Fall is almost here and we are excited for a new season.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer Salute

We had such a fun and full summer I thought I would do a little recap of the highlights of the season-

We started off summer with a week of VBS. This year's theme was a "Submerged" underwater adventure. Several kids made professions of faith and we averaged a daily enrollment of 200, it was an amazing week full of God's goodness!

We spent a week on the gulf coast living the beach life. We went back to Orange Beach, it feels like  a second home to us now.

Another trip to the dentist and another clean bill of oral health!

We celebrated the Fourth at our county fair which is a longstanding tradition for us. Both kids loved the fireworks and Georgia Grace rode her first ferris wheel!

We caught a Hot Rods minor league baseball game one evening. We made it about six innings before they were rioting, we had fun though!

Our lives all changed in July when my beautiful and healthy nephew entered the world. He made our summer extra special.

My babies are smitten with their new baby cousin. They talk about him all the time and when they are together he is never short of tons of kisses and holding. They are the best big cousins.

Marcus, Georgia Grace and I headed to San Antonio, Texas for my SNA national conference. We fell in love with this city.

We attended Marcus's ten year class reunion in July as well. It was great catching up with friends we see all the time and friends we haven't seen in years.

Everybody got haircuts this summer. The first cut either of them have received in an actual beauty/barber shop. Georgia loved the experience, Jack hated the experience :)

After dragging my feet for three months, we finally had Jack's first year pictures made. It was the hottest day ever but Julia still happened to capture the babies beautifully.

We spent so many days by the pool. Georgia was jumping in and comfortable enough to swim on her own in her puddle jumper by the end of the summer. Jack ended the summer wearing a puddle jumper and having no fear of the water. As long as the weather is pretty, we will keep swimming in the fall.

We celebrated Marcus's 28th birthday at the lake with friends!

It was Jack's first lake trip. We all had a blast!

Georgia and Jack "helped" Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna in their garden this year. Georgia planted some cabbage that she named "Georgia" and they planted carrot seeds from Jack's first birthday party that actually produced some little carrots!

And then before we knew it, a new school year was ready to begin. Marcus started his seventh year of teaching.

AKK started back with their academic school year. She loves going to preschool and being with her friends. We are SO thankful for AKK.

Summer came and went in a jif. It was full of activities and travel but I think my favorite days were the simple days we spent at home playing in the yard. Goodbye summer and welcome fall, we will miss the swimming and sun but can't wait for hayrides and pumpkins!