Thursday, September 1, 2016

Week Recap

Hello September!
I really love this month. It's the segue to fall but still has summer weather so we can enjoy being outside a little longer. It's the start of football and the start of plans for Halloween costumes, Christmas lists and  a special girl's fourth birthday.

Football has actually already started around here. We went to the high school football game on Friday to watch them improve to 2-0 on the season. Georgia Grace has a huge crush on one of the players and his sweet mama had a t-shirt made just for her to wear to the games! She wore it proudly and loved the ballgame, especially watching the cheerleaders!

Saturday we had a pool day at Mom's. We put Jack in a puddle jumper for the first time this year and he LOVED it. He was fearless. He was jumping in by himself and would throw his head back to float. Georgia gets more confident every time we swim. I'm hoping to take her to swim lessons next spring so she will be swimming by next summer.

A sweet, hot, sweaty boy. He has outgrown every sandal except his red sun sans. I ordered another pair this week to get us through September. I'm not use to having a child that outgrows clothes and shoes so quickly.

Or a child that is so attached to things. He has to have a bottle and blanket every where he goes. I offer sippys but he always prefers a bottle.

My sweet nephew is growing and growing. He is so sweet and is a chunky monkey! He is battling some silent reflux which has been challenging for my sister but she's such a good little mommy and things are getting better. He LOVES to eat, maybe he doesn't have a satiety cue :)

Jack can feed himself but he most enjoys someone still feeding him. He can use utensils well but sometimes they're not fast enough so he just shovels it in with his hands. Monday night dinner at Grandmomma's is probably our favorite meal of the week!

And every Monday night after dinner this girl wants to swim like a mermaid. Ma bought her this mermaid outfit early in the summer and she has wore it so much it has started to fade. We have a serious mermaid obsession.

I received all of Jack's first year pictures this week so I will do a full post soon. I just had to throw in another sneak peek though. They are wonderful!

We are a football loving family. Keagen played his jr. pro football game Tuesday night and Marcus and Georgia went to support (it was too late for Jack so we stayed home). Keag scored two touchdowns and helped take his team to victory!

Several of Marcus's students play on the team so he enjoys watching them play too. Ty has quickly become one of his buddies, they play football together at recess every day. He played a great game as QB!

We were trying to prolong bedtime so we played with the red barn in his room. He LOVES cows and moos all the live long day.

It's a four day weekend for me and I couldn't be more excited about it! It looks like we will have perfect weather and just enough activities to keep us busy but not overwhelmed.

Happy labor day weekend!

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