Saturday, February 27, 2016

An Underdog Story

A late night Friday blog post because I just don't foresee me pulling out the laptop this weekend when I look ahead at the sunshiny forecast. I hope to spend a lot of time outside..and watching Fuller House on Netflix after I put the kids to bed because that will be a priority too.

Here is what our week looked like in the social media world-

We made the trip to watch our cousin Brennan and his them play in the first round of the 12th district tournament Tuesday night. Not only did they pull off the upset and advance to the championship game, he had 18 points and played some awesome defense! We were so proud of them and were glad we decided to go to a week night game. We are a brave mommy and daddy! :)

"Look Aunt Shanna, I'm a cheerleader!" Playing pretend is her favorite.

My usual sleepyhead girl was awake and ready to go Thursday morning! She likes 11-12 hours of sleep at night. If she doesn't get them, watch out folks.

I call her my domestic soul. She is in her element when she is helping me in the kitchen. I'm thankful God saw it fit to bless me with a daughter.

Four years ago today I snuck out of bed and into our tiny starter home bathroom and took a pregnancy test. In my heart, I already knew. When I woke Marcus up to tell him the news I don't even remember speaking words, just screaming in excitement and crying tears of joy. They have given me the most fulfilling, life-affirming job. I will never understand how God saw it fit to trust me with them but I am a thousand times thankful he did.

Twinning with my best girl. We're sporting football and Kentucky attire to the basketball game tonight-I think we need more Bears attire!

I definitely think we need some since we are headed to the region tournament as the 12th district champs!

His sophomore season will be one we won't soon forget. He stepped up and made a name for himself this year.

Marcus sure loves Brennan and Will, two of the sweetest boys with the biggest hearts

I love a good underdog story. They came into the district tournament as the last seed and with a losing record, but rose to the occasion and played to their full potential. So proud of the boys in blue for bringing home the district championship!

This just cracks me up! They love ballgames, mostly to hear the pep band and buy concession stand junk food but still. They are Bren's biggest fans!

That's a wrap on this week. It looks like another beautiful, unseasonably warm weekend is in store and I couldn't be happier. I'm ready for you spring!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Routine For The Win

I think we are on pace for a normal week for us and it feels good. We probably haven't had a normal week since before the holidays with all the winter weather. We are craving routine.

Just a little recap of what last week looked like for us. Georgia, Jack and Marcus all passed the stomach bug around to each other, each a day staggered between them. Poor girl insisted the whole time that her belly did not hurt but this is how she looked for about 24 hours.

She had to miss her Valentine's Day party (it was delayed due to snow) but Daddy picked up all her goodies to make her feel better. It helped! Her "boyfriend" Thomas special delivered her Valentine to Marcus's classroom on Thursday. She said, "I guess this means they love me!". If she only knew how much!
I have had a lot of time at home and did some shopping for summer from my couch. My new favorite online store is Smocked Threads. I love (and loathe) their nightly Instagram sales. It is convenient, you're guaranteed to have the size you need and it's affordable. These two bathing suits will have us ready for our beach trip! 

By Saturday everyone was pretty much back to normal and it was a gorgeous 72 degree day. Jack decided sleeping in on Saturday is not for him so I let him entertain himself with a sink bath as the sun rose while the rest of the house slept. He had a ball and I had water all over my kitchen. He tries to crawl out of the regular tub but never tried to crawl out of the sink thank goodness.

We brought the tricycle out of the garage for the occasion. Sweet girl has mixed feelings about it. She wants to ride it but she hasn't learned yet how to make the peddles go and gets frustrated. She even said the words, "I can't do it". We encouraged her and told her the good ol' life lesson to never give up. I can't believe she is old enough to be teaching life lessons to. I have a feeling in a few more tries she will be master it!
Monday we were back to our regular weekly routine which includes MND (Monday night dinner). We had homemade pizza and the babies helped with the toppings. They both love being in the kitchen.

This week is a super busy one with two dance classes, a church banquet, ballgames and a birthday party. The slow and calm of winter is being replaced with the hustle and bustle of spring. That is music to my ears!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Double Everything

It's currently 12:30 am and I am between loads of vomit-y laundry and just waiting for the next round of sickness to hit. Georgia has caught the stomach bug that Jack had on Tuesday and so our sickness cycle is starting new again tonight.

Please send up a few little prayers for her. And maybe a few for mommy.

The good thing is Jack's stomach bug ran its course in about 36 hours so hopefully hers won't linger too long either.

I am so anxious when my babies are sick. I feel the most unqualified as a mother on sick days. They expose a whole other layer of vulnerability that puts me on edge until it all passes.

I've learned after ten months with two babies that it is double everything-double blessings, double love, double laughter and double sick germs!  But even on the grossest days, I wouldn't trade a minute of this. You take the bad with the good.

I wanted to share a few pictures of our week so far. It started out much prettier than it is ending.

Sunday morning I prepared a pancake breakfast for my three Valentine's. Daddy was reading Georgia's card we gave her and this was the face she made. I think it made her feel special. If she only knew just how special she was to us!

After breakfast we decided to get ready and head to church despite snow being in the forecast for the day. It wasn't snowing very much yet and we thought we would have plenty of time to get back home before things became dicey.

We were wrong. In about a three hour timespan, we had six inches of snow! We couldn't get home in our RX300 so we hitched a ride from my Dad. Back to living the snowed in life for a few days. It was such a beautiful snow.

When you get a little stir crazy and you get tired of your toys, you ransack the pantry while mommy cooks supper. It still pretty much looks this way by the way. #justshutthedoor

Georgia used one of our snow days to draw a pretty picture for her Compassion "brother" Fitsum. We started sponsoring him as a Valentine's gift two years ago. He is seven years old, lives in Ethiopia and has the opportunity to go to school now! His little life has blessed us in so many ways.

Jack's first birthday party planning has begun. I love the theme so so much. I just can't think of a better way to celebrate a spring baby boy born.

I just want to pick this up and move it to our venue (and modify it from shower to birthday). The ideas for this theme are endless!

A very familiar scene for us this winter. We thought the snow was over but an unexpected snow cloud dropped another inch on us Tuesday evening so it was another snow day for us on Wednesday. It has been a cra-zay winter.

Our snow day worked out to be a blessing for me as we have had a sick little boy. At first we thought it was just something new that we had fed him but it turned out to be a little stomach bug, that eventually was passed on to sister. Thank goodness he seems to be back to normal except still eating less. It is so good to see that smile replace frowns and fusses. I attached him to my hip all day because this boy just wants his momma. I think he could be president of the momma's boy club :)

Off to remake cribs and beds with clean sheets. It's been a taxing few days and I hope we are soon to be on the mend.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Week

The week of love. And also the week of snow. We have had more snow days than work days and we've made the most of it. February is kind of a blah month but the holiday of love is a little something for us to look forward to.
Sister went with Daddy to work at his school one snow day. She colored and read books and helped clean up a few messes. Her school days will be here way too soon.

 All I can hear is Waylong singing "Mammas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys"
This sums up my child during ballet class. We are just lettingher express herself and hoping the cooperation comes in time. She might be a little hard headed but I know for a fact she's a lot of personality! I love her spunky side. 
Georgia's preschool Valentine's party was scheduled for Friday and she signed up for us to bring cupcakes. Of course that meant she would help make them because she is my domestic soul. And she's actually a good cook with a steady hand and a good stirring technique.

Sprinkles make everything better so of course we added them to the cupcakes!

The finished product. Don't you love her finger choice? ;) She was very proud of them. Mommy iced and Georgia sprinkled.

I just love this picture. The whole process took four hours from start to finish but I wouldn't trade having her in the kitchen with me for anything. This is something that makes her the happiest and I'm honored to get to share it with her.

This was Friday morning and sums up most mornings for us. Jack is a mommy's boy and a stage five clinger. He goes everywhere with me when we are home. Bathroom trips included :)

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday night. My mom offered to come to the house to keep the babes while we headed out for dinner. We had the best food in southern Kentucky-Federal Grove. We don't go out much but when we do, we make it count. We even ordered dessert (bumbleberry cobbler)-I think it was the first time ever. I'm thankful for my Valentine that knows me so well.

What a spread. Everything is top notch too! The fried chicken is our absolute favorite though.

The cobbler was equally amazing.

Just a typical Saturday during the winter months when we are cooped up inside tearing the house down.

Saturday was a good day to be a Kentucky boy. Hopefully our Cats are peaking at the right time.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day but snow is in the forecast starting in the morning so we will see if we make it to church. If not, a cozy day at home with my three valentines sounds like second best.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Jack is 10 months old!

Jack-you are TEN months old! Double digit months! You are quickly becoming our big boy.

Here's what your life as a ten month old looks like:

  • You weigh 19.4 pounds and 30.75 inches long. You are wearing 12 month clothing (Georgia was wearing 6-9 month at this age...), a size 3 diaper, and size 2/3 shoes. You are super tall with a large head-a brawn with brains :) 
  • You have two bottom teeth and four top teeth! The two front teeth are mostly in and the next two have just broke the skin. It is getting easier for you to chew things now.
  • Feeding schedule-you are taking about five bottles a day, roughly 30 ounces of formula. You still only take a bottle. We have offered a sippy but you just aren't interested yet. You eat every meal with us now and pretty much eat all day long. You love to eat. 

  • Your favorite foods are bananas, roast, potatoes, apple juice, crunchies and orange vegetables. We go back and forth between baby food and table food. There are very few foods that you don't like. 
  • Your sleeping schedule is 8:30pm-7am most days with a morning nap and an afternoon nap. You rarely get up through the night now. You nap and sleep at night in your crib and have slept great since the first night we transitioned you. Mommy has been blessed with two good sleepers!
  • You are the busiest baby. You want to be right in the middle of what is going on. You are a speed crawler and would probably be walking by now if we worked with you but we aren't in any hurry :) You stand on your own for several minutes and walk yourself around the couch and coffee table. You like to explore the kitchen cabinets and toilets...

Jack and Georgia at ten months

  • You gibber gabber constantly. You really act like you are telling us a big story sometimes :) You love kisses, pulling hair and playing with Mommy's necklaces and earrings.
  • You absolutely love your sister. First thing every morning you start looking for her. If she leaves the room you go to find her. If you hear her in the other room, you stop and listen. She is your favorite person and she's pretty fond of you too. Y'all are already best friends and playmates. 
  • We are starting to tell you "No" and you are learning that no means you shouldn't do it. You don't always like hearing it but so far that has been enough to correct your behavior. 

Happy ten months, Jack Porter Harrison! You make our lives so full and fun.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Check In and Check Up

Shew y'all, I just can't seem to get in the blog routine this month. It seems like I have a lot of fires burning right now and the blog just seems to be last on the list. Maybe I will do better this week, but no promises.

I took Jack for his 9 (well, 9 3/4 month) month checkup last week. He was 19 lb 4 oz (40th percentile), 32 inches (off the charts!) and 48 cm head circumference (95th percentile) with a clean bill of health! He will use that noggin to do big things someday. A big, strong boy is what I prayed for and I'm thankful for two healthy children that I don't take for granted.

He sure was a happy boy during his appointment. He received his second flu shot and just cried about 5 seconds and was fine. He had all the nurses swooning over him. Such the ladies man!
Best mail day ever! Aren't the family shirts great? Marcus passed on getting one but let us put his name on it ha! All of it came from Etsy shops and the shirts were just $10 each!
Thursday I spent my first night away from Jack and just one of few nights away from Georgia to attend a work conference. I FaceTimed them and got to hear bathtub splashes and new ballet class vocabulary :)  They are the reason I do what I do. I'm thankful for a sweet hubby that makes it work for me to be away when I have to be. I am a blessed girl!

Santa brought Georgia two Peppa Pig Live tickets in her stocking so her and Daddy went to see the show Friday night. Mommy really wanted to but Daddy did too and since I would be driving back from Lexington that day, he got to take her. It sounded like they had a fun time and even did valet parking and ate at Cracker Barrel! A true night out on the town :)
Her favorite way to pose for pictures right now. So lady like! :)
Saturday night Marcus wanted to go eat at Moonlite BBQ so we loaded up and went after he came in from hunting. Jack ate almost a whole plate of vegetables himself! He already eats as much as Georgia.

Sunday was Super Bowl and usually we spend that day gearing up for the big game and festivities. Instead, we attended the funeral of a member of our church family that lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last week. This is what I posted on his wife's facebook page:
When I think of Boyce Flener, I remember middle school days riding in the Crossmen bus to celebrate Amanda's birthday, Aberdeen Christmas caroling (he led us of course!), Desperado, Dixieland at the Catfish Festival and countless other memories. I am forever grateful for having known him and grown up with him as a mentor at Aberdeen Baptist Church. It is our loss and Heaven's abundant gain! Praying so earnestly for all the lives that he has touched. And thank you, Kimberly, for being the best example of a wife. You inspire me more than you will ever know.❤️

It was a funeral (titled "The Grand Finale" which was absolutely appropriate for him) like none I have ever attended and I know without a doubt he has joined the angel choir in Heaven.