Thursday, February 4, 2016

For The Virtual Scrapbook

Since this blog serves as my virtual scrapbook I try to post all of our pictures on here at some point or other. I always print off my blog at the end of each year to have a hard copy that we put on our coffee table to flip through. This little website has replaced photo albums, printed pictures and scrapbooks for me so I try to make it a priority.
I will always remember his teething days. Georgia's were few and far between and she was never symptomatic but this boy is a different story. He chews on EVERYTHING and you can tell they hurt him. He is cutting four right now!! But he takes it in stride. Ora-jel helps. And frozen teething rings. I'm hoping a reprieve is on the way. 
This was two Sundays ago. The boys were done with the snow but the girls still had some exploring to do. We walked down to see our neighbor's frozen pond. She has my love for being outside and exploring new things.
Monday morning (1/25/16)

 Monday afternoon (1/25/16). We occasionally get massive snows but they do not last long in Kentucky.
Most of the time we do our nightly reading after we put the babes to bed but Georgia got to join us one night as a little treat. She just sat and listened so intently. I hope and pray we show her Jesus everyday.
Dance class was canceled last week due to the snow but we were back at it the next week. Her doll that she has named "Sarah" that Santa brought her joined us for ballet. And I have decided three year old little girls in leotards and tutus are the cutest thing there ever was.
Sweet AKK preschool friends Analin and Chloe are also in her class! I am glad she has them and that she is making new friends with the other little ballerinas in her class.
Jack has made a new discovery. If he goes missing, I know where to find him. Look at those guilty eyes!

It was too pretty to be inside on Saturday so we moved lunch to the porch. He's the happiest!
And then we took our first stroller ride of 2016. This was our Craigslist steal stroller from last summer that we will get at least another year out of, hopefully two.
Sunday was Baptist Men's Sunday and some of the men in the church take part in a men's choir. Daddy and Jack joined in. It is always a special day hearing men testify their faith and salvation.
I'm currently in Lexington at a work conference for a night. This is my first night away from Jack and one of few nights away from Georgia. I'm thankful for facetime and a wonderful family that steps up in my absence. Come on Friday afternoon!


  1. Hi, Where do you make your blog book?

  2., search "lulu" with my blog search engine and there's a full post about it!