Saturday, February 27, 2016

An Underdog Story

A late night Friday blog post because I just don't foresee me pulling out the laptop this weekend when I look ahead at the sunshiny forecast. I hope to spend a lot of time outside..and watching Fuller House on Netflix after I put the kids to bed because that will be a priority too.

Here is what our week looked like in the social media world-

We made the trip to watch our cousin Brennan and his them play in the first round of the 12th district tournament Tuesday night. Not only did they pull off the upset and advance to the championship game, he had 18 points and played some awesome defense! We were so proud of them and were glad we decided to go to a week night game. We are a brave mommy and daddy! :)

"Look Aunt Shanna, I'm a cheerleader!" Playing pretend is her favorite.

My usual sleepyhead girl was awake and ready to go Thursday morning! She likes 11-12 hours of sleep at night. If she doesn't get them, watch out folks.

I call her my domestic soul. She is in her element when she is helping me in the kitchen. I'm thankful God saw it fit to bless me with a daughter.

Four years ago today I snuck out of bed and into our tiny starter home bathroom and took a pregnancy test. In my heart, I already knew. When I woke Marcus up to tell him the news I don't even remember speaking words, just screaming in excitement and crying tears of joy. They have given me the most fulfilling, life-affirming job. I will never understand how God saw it fit to trust me with them but I am a thousand times thankful he did.

Twinning with my best girl. We're sporting football and Kentucky attire to the basketball game tonight-I think we need more Bears attire!

I definitely think we need some since we are headed to the region tournament as the 12th district champs!

His sophomore season will be one we won't soon forget. He stepped up and made a name for himself this year.

Marcus sure loves Brennan and Will, two of the sweetest boys with the biggest hearts

I love a good underdog story. They came into the district tournament as the last seed and with a losing record, but rose to the occasion and played to their full potential. So proud of the boys in blue for bringing home the district championship!

This just cracks me up! They love ballgames, mostly to hear the pep band and buy concession stand junk food but still. They are Bren's biggest fans!

That's a wrap on this week. It looks like another beautiful, unseasonably warm weekend is in store and I couldn't be happier. I'm ready for you spring!

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