Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Routine For The Win

I think we are on pace for a normal week for us and it feels good. We probably haven't had a normal week since before the holidays with all the winter weather. We are craving routine.

Just a little recap of what last week looked like for us. Georgia, Jack and Marcus all passed the stomach bug around to each other, each a day staggered between them. Poor girl insisted the whole time that her belly did not hurt but this is how she looked for about 24 hours.

She had to miss her Valentine's Day party (it was delayed due to snow) but Daddy picked up all her goodies to make her feel better. It helped! Her "boyfriend" Thomas special delivered her Valentine to Marcus's classroom on Thursday. She said, "I guess this means they love me!". If she only knew how much!
I have had a lot of time at home and did some shopping for summer from my couch. My new favorite online store is Smocked Threads. I love (and loathe) their nightly Instagram sales. It is convenient, you're guaranteed to have the size you need and it's affordable. These two bathing suits will have us ready for our beach trip! 

By Saturday everyone was pretty much back to normal and it was a gorgeous 72 degree day. Jack decided sleeping in on Saturday is not for him so I let him entertain himself with a sink bath as the sun rose while the rest of the house slept. He had a ball and I had water all over my kitchen. He tries to crawl out of the regular tub but never tried to crawl out of the sink thank goodness.

We brought the tricycle out of the garage for the occasion. Sweet girl has mixed feelings about it. She wants to ride it but she hasn't learned yet how to make the peddles go and gets frustrated. She even said the words, "I can't do it". We encouraged her and told her the good ol' life lesson to never give up. I can't believe she is old enough to be teaching life lessons to. I have a feeling in a few more tries she will be master it!
Monday we were back to our regular weekly routine which includes MND (Monday night dinner). We had homemade pizza and the babies helped with the toppings. They both love being in the kitchen.

This week is a super busy one with two dance classes, a church banquet, ballgames and a birthday party. The slow and calm of winter is being replaced with the hustle and bustle of spring. That is music to my ears!

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