Friday, January 27, 2017

Slow and Low Key

 I'm kind of in a funk of not taking a lot of pictures. Jack usually cries when I try to take his picture and I hate to post a picture of him crying every time. Georgia is glad to have her picture made but we just haven't done a lot of picture worthy things this month. January has been a slow and low key month. Sometimes those are just what you need.

Wednesday we had an unseasonably warm day so the kids and me played on the play set a while. Jack doesn't understand why we can't play outside everyday. He is so ready for spring! He mentions "simmin" all the time :) I promise you there is no other 1 3/4 year old that talks as much as him. 


Georgia's preschool friend Ace completely swooned us this week. He has the biggest, most thoughtful heart! She loved the gift he gave her and we love that boy.

She always falls asleep on me on the way to dance. When we get to dance, I'm always afraid she will wake up cranky but she never does. She's the best girl in the whole world.

We went to Gammy's Thursday night to see Uncle Eric, Aunt Paige and Bo. She is such a big help with both of the boys. She will play with Jack or go get things for Bo. She is a true blue first born.

Friday morning they were extra happy so we snapped a few pictures before walking out the door. I love those morning faces and sibling snuggles.

This text message from my mother-in-law is hysterical. Sweet boy has so much to learn before he becomes an Aunt Kay's Kids in the spring but at least we are headed in the right direction. He goes a million miles an hour and tests boundaries on a daily basis but he's also a cuddle bug and says "please" and "thank you". He is sugar and spice :)

Saturday we wasted our time and watched the Cats game. I know you can't win them all but I feel like we should win all our home games! I know, I am a spoiled fan.

While I am complaining, I really just want one good snow. That's all I'm asking for. I need a reason to put the kids in their snow suits and I'm craving some snow cream. Maybe February will grant my wish.

Sweet prayer hands from Jack boy. He says prayers for us now. I will say the words and he repeats them after me. Did I mention he likes to talk? :) 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week Recap

Life is pretty mundane right now as we've settled back into a school routine and have a light winter schedule. I keep hoping we will get one big snow. The last three winters have really spoiled us and I just need one good snow then I'll be ready for spring. 

On Friday, Donald Trump was inaugurated officially becoming the 45th president of our country. Marcus was able to let the whole fifth grade class watch the inauguration at school. It's a crazy world that gets crazier everyday. I pray that our new president can lead our country in the right direction.

And no matter your political views, how can you not be completely swooned by Barron Trump? Between him almost falling asleep during President Trump's acceptance speech and playing peek-a-boo while his Dad signed executive orders, I'm excited to watch this boy grow up in the White House. 

Sassy pants took her first shower Thursday night. She's four going on fourteen. Somebody hold me!

Georgia and I attended her OWL Academy class on Friday. The theme this week was "Snow Much Fun" and they had lots of fun learning activities including making letters and drawing shapes in shaving cream.

Sister making a G for Georgia. We love OWL Academy!

Friday night the kids and I went to the homecoming game to watch our cousin Brennan play. This is the only picture I took because I was mostly busy wrangling one of them. This boy spent time with nearly everybody in the gym before the game was over. I'm thankful for my friends and family that helped me with them. And the Bears won in a last second shot! However Jack had already decided he was done so we listened to it in the car instead of witnessing it but who's keeping up :)

Saturday was fun. I found lots of things in the toilet over the course of the weekend, including his church shoes on Sunday morning.

He loves wearing Georgia's headbands.

Georgia wanted to play with play dough and created President Trump's "speech stage". I think you can tell we talked a little politics over the weekend.

Daddy went hunting Saturday so after we ran out of things to do inside we headed outside to play on our new playhouse since it was a very warm January day. We have a family bet going on how soon Jack will have a broken arm.

Sunday morning snaps. I don't have a lot of high quality pictures of Jack and every time I pull out my camera I am reminded why :) He is just too busy for pictures right now. Oh well, a little blur just adds some character.

Georgia made this during children's church. Her three blessings were mommy and daddy, Jack and Aunt Kay's. I love her heart.

And happy eighteenth birthday to our "Baby Bieber". It doesn't seem possible that he's officially an adult. We love you, Bren! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baby News

Guess what? I am going to be an aunt again! My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are expecting their first baby and I am absolutely elated about Baby Hall. I have thought she was pregnant like fifteen times. She's been on my pregnancy radar. So I can say I saw this coming but it's kind of negated since it is the fifteenth time I have thought it. Mommy and baby are both doing great. We can't wait to meet the newest member of our family in late summer! 

Since we took his bottle away about a week ago, it's been a roller coaster ride trying to keep him fed. The first couple of days he rebelled and pretty much boycotted any type of nutrition (stubborn much?). Then he started eating the walls down. We couldn't keep him full. Now, we are somewhere in the middle but we still don't have a solid routine. He still asks for his ba ba periodically and isn't drinking as much milk as I would like. I'm hopeful with a little more time we will get this thing figured out. 

These four love to make snapchat videos together. They are hilarious! I can't believe there will be another one to add to this crew soon :)

Tuesday nights are her favorite. Ballet, tap and CFA for dinner! She is in the "Dance School" class and they all have to wear purple. She has made new friends and reconnected with old ones. She loves her teacher Mrs. Ginny. I paid for her recital costume at our last practice that will take place in May. We are on year two of dance and she loves it more each day. 

Saturday our friends James and Ashley got last minute tickets to the UK game and asked us to tag along. Thankfully we had no plans and asked Marcus's family to keep the kids and headed to Lexington. We had such a fun day from start to finish. This was our first outing since Ben was born and it was good to talk and catch up without having to pause to change a diaper or wipe a nose. I'm so thankful for their friendship. Oh, and the Cats won! Icing on the cake.

Today is MLK day so we all had a day at home together. I didn't leave the house and this boy spent most of his day in time out so it was a fun one. I think he is still moody about taking away the bottle. Anyway, I snapped this picture before he and Daddy headed to the barber shop. He loves going to see Barbie. He was a good boy at the shop and came home and took a good nap. He sure tests my patience but I love him more than the world. He feels up my mama heart.

My four going on fourteen year old helping me with laundry. She would rather help me with household tasks than play with toy hands down. She loves cooking in the kitchen, folding laundry, setting a table, etc. I haven't got her on board with cleaning and picking up yet but there's still time. I love her big, domestic heart.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I'm going to try to recap the last ten days in one post. It hasn't been too eventful as we've settled into the slowdown that occurs following the holidays. This slowdown is always much needed and anticipated. We've had some fun with a few snow days sprinkled in to make it even a little more fun. Here is what our January has looked like so far-

"Get me off of this slickery stuff"-Georgia's famous words that will live in infamy after her first experience with ice skating. She was not a fan.

I made her make one lap around the rink and she still wasn't having it. It was pretty funny actually, and it's ok that she didn't care for it. She's not going to enjoy everything that we do. But no point trying to fake it, she owned her disapproval :)

"Georgia, we are going home now" That evoked a smile :) Even though she disliked ice skating, I love having an outdoor rink in our area. This was the first year for the SOKY rink and I think it had a ton of success so maybe we will try again next year?!?

My boss turned fifty on January 2nd and we celebrated him by throwing a 50's themed birthday party at the office. He reminded me that I have a significant birthday coming up this year and that paybacks are rough sometimes. 

Some of us dressed like we were from the Grease set. It was a fun work day! I'm so thankful for Mr. Howard and all the opportunities he has given me. 

My mom officially started her retirement and her first day she kept sweet Jack boy. She is going to keep him one day a week for us. He was a good boy and loved having a new house to tear down, eh, explore! :)

They are going to go to story hour at the library. He enjoyed his first time.

I took Georgia for a dentist appointment. She got a perfect report! We love Mrs. AImee and Dr. Daniel, they take such good care of us. I'm so proud of the way Georgia can interact with adults. She makes me so proud!

Tending to the farm before he turns in for the night. 

Her first sewing machine. This was a Christmas gift from Marcus and me. I felt like she was at the perfect age to really enjoy this and not mind that there was really no thread. This little machine is so cool. It uses a real needle (with a guard) and punctures the material so rapidly that it actually binds it together. You have to use felt material. It's just the neatest thing. The first night we tried it we finished two projects before bedtime. 

Last bottle picture. Jack has been bottle-less for four days now, he is officially weaned!! If you know Jack at all, you know how attached he was to his ba ba. It was his comfort, his lifeline (so he thought), his best friend. We put off taking it away probably longer than we should have but I've been so proud of him. There have been the fair share of tears and fits but each day he asks less and less and he is now eating us out of the house and home. 

To the man who made sure we played family board games on first dates-Happy Birthday, Dad! :) (And to all the old boyfriends that endured it, appreciate y'all too). He enjoyed his birthday nights with plain cheese pizza (we went to Blaze where the toppings are endless!) and yellow cake for dessert. He's a square but I love him.

The first day without the bottle was the worst day of his life but we all survived and we've moved on to better days! He's coming around to the idea of his ba ba being replaced by a sippy. Proud of him and proud of us for sticking to our guns.

Smile, chubby! That's her new nickname for him. 

Sunday snaps. We were ready to brave the single digit weather to head to church (after putting on heavy coats and hats of course).

I dropped Jack off at Gammy's this morning and he was stroking his face with the sippy spout! Poor baby, he sure misses his bottle nipples HA! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Extra Christmas

This post encompasses all the Christmas-related pictures that didn't find their way into another Christmas post but are still worthy of our digital scrapbook.  
Christmas card 2016
We had Georgia and Jack's silhouettes drawn as gifts for the grandmas and decided to make our cards with them this year. I liked changing it up a big from the traditional picture. And I am so happy with how their silhouettes turned out. Tim Arnold (The Silhouette Man) came to Chirp Boutique in Bowling Green and it only took about 10 minutes per child. I would recommend him!
Jack dancing with the dancing Santa. This was one of the first times he saw him and he was still a little unsure about him. He loved him by the end of the season.

A watercolor picture of our living room all decorated for Christmas with sweet baby Jack crawling to the tree. It's nice to "have my house back" from all the clutter of Christmas d├ęcor but I wouldn't trade the clutter during December for anything.
I took this picture of our dining room the night we had our Christmas party for friends. The lighting outside was just perfect, it was almost a purple color.

Jack boy climbing the steps in his flap jammies that are my favorite ever. They are just solid red so we are wearing them all winter!

Sweet cousins Jack and Noah giving each other kisses at a family Christmas at Auntie's house. These boys are just a few months apart and had a big time playing together.

Jack eating a Christmas dinner in his booster seat on the floor. He is so busy and rambunctious at the table I just decided to keep it on the floor to prevent any falls. He didn't mind.

Another cousin Christmas picture, another picture that Jack is completely annoyed with :)

Christmas at Mamaw and Papaw Embry's -they opened first and then played with their new things while the rest of us opened.

He loves his Keagie so much!

Brother bear and his new tractor from Santa. The only non-blurred picture of him from Christmas :)

Jack is absolutely crazy about moo-moo cows so my Dad and Deanna found a cow shirt for him that he LOVES.

Sister girl now has both the life size Frozen dolls! So happy!

Father and son wrestling on the floor after all the Christmas gifts were open at Grandmomma's. They sure love each other.

I think that's the last of Christmas 2016. It was a wonderful holiday season filled with memories, fun activities, tradition and reflection on what the season is all about. Georgia singing "Away In A Manger" on Christmas day was a highlight for me. Her Sunday School teacher Mrs. Jan told Marcus and I that she knew every part of the Christmas story in detail and she was very impressed. If nothing else happened over the past month besides that, it would still be a perfect Christmas.

Now, on to 2017!