Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Day

Pretend like I posted this about a week and a half ago if you don't mind. I hope to never get this far behind on the blog again. I plan to use our super cold, long weekend (we had two snow days this week!) to play catchup.

I snapped a few pictures of Georgia preparing for Santa (Jack was already in bed) on Christmas Eve night. Cookies and milk for Santa, reindeer food on the sidewalk and a giddy with excitement baby girl ready for Santa's flight!  

We woke up Christmas morning to learn Santa has visited and the babies had been very good this year.

Checking out all their toys from Santa! Georgia received her Barbie Dreamhouse that she asked for at the ninth hour, Jack received a John Deere tractor and they both received microphones and a puppet theater. Georgia also received a Bitty Baby and Jack boy received farm animals and a fence to keep them in. 

Trying out his new tractor and honking to let us know he was coming through

Daddy reading the letter Santa left to Georgia. He always leaves them a very nice and well-written letter :)

Mommy and sister on Christmas morning. Usually we spend Christmas Day at home just enjoying our gifts from Santa, fixing breakfast and not cleaning up our mess unti the afternoon. But this year Christmas fell on a Sunday so we got ready for church instead which is the best way to spend the holiday anyway.

I tried for a sibling picture on Christmas Day and this was what I got. Not high quality but high in love and happiness! 

Georgia made her singing debut on Christmas Day where she performed "Away In A Manger" as a solo (acapello to boot) at Aberdeen Baptist Church. She was so bold and confident and just completely melted our hearts. I have an awesome video of it too. I think we have a performer on our hands. 

She asked, Santa delivered. This is her favorite gift. All seventy pieces of Barbie Dreamhouse awesomeness.

A family selfie to commemorate Christmas Day. We look a little tired but still ready for Embry Christmas and Christmas with my Dad. 

Christmas at Deenie and Poppa's, they are both crazy about him. He still has our old playroom full of toys and they think it's the best room ever. It was a great evening with all of them.

We got home late but the fun wasn't over because Uncle Eric, Aunt Paige and cousin Bo came over for a sleepover! The adults stayed up too late talking but it was Christmas and we never wanted it to end. 

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