Friday, January 27, 2017

Slow and Low Key

 I'm kind of in a funk of not taking a lot of pictures. Jack usually cries when I try to take his picture and I hate to post a picture of him crying every time. Georgia is glad to have her picture made but we just haven't done a lot of picture worthy things this month. January has been a slow and low key month. Sometimes those are just what you need.

Wednesday we had an unseasonably warm day so the kids and me played on the play set a while. Jack doesn't understand why we can't play outside everyday. He is so ready for spring! He mentions "simmin" all the time :) I promise you there is no other 1 3/4 year old that talks as much as him. 


Georgia's preschool friend Ace completely swooned us this week. He has the biggest, most thoughtful heart! She loved the gift he gave her and we love that boy.

She always falls asleep on me on the way to dance. When we get to dance, I'm always afraid she will wake up cranky but she never does. She's the best girl in the whole world.

We went to Gammy's Thursday night to see Uncle Eric, Aunt Paige and Bo. She is such a big help with both of the boys. She will play with Jack or go get things for Bo. She is a true blue first born.

Friday morning they were extra happy so we snapped a few pictures before walking out the door. I love those morning faces and sibling snuggles.

This text message from my mother-in-law is hysterical. Sweet boy has so much to learn before he becomes an Aunt Kay's Kids in the spring but at least we are headed in the right direction. He goes a million miles an hour and tests boundaries on a daily basis but he's also a cuddle bug and says "please" and "thank you". He is sugar and spice :)

Saturday we wasted our time and watched the Cats game. I know you can't win them all but I feel like we should win all our home games! I know, I am a spoiled fan.

While I am complaining, I really just want one good snow. That's all I'm asking for. I need a reason to put the kids in their snow suits and I'm craving some snow cream. Maybe February will grant my wish.

Sweet prayer hands from Jack boy. He says prayers for us now. I will say the words and he repeats them after me. Did I mention he likes to talk? :) 

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