Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gram's Christmas

We always eat Christmas Eve breakfast at Grandmomma's house and then open presents and stockings. One of Granddad's gifts from Grandmomma was a train to go around their tree. He had one as a boy and loved it, I thought it was such a thoughtful gift! Jack loved it. He rarely sits still for anything but this was an exception. 

Uncle Jake decided to be the professional photographer for the event and took some very flattering pictures of all of us. I made a collage of the best ones. I think he should totally quit his day job. 

Grandmomma finished Georgia's Clara costume and gifted her a new nutcracker. She was dancing around the tree just like this :) 

We had dinner at Grams on Christmas "Adam" and Georgia helped in the kitchen of course. She never misses an opportunity to be domestic. 

Grandmomma made Georgia a winter coat, hat and muff. I captured a sweet embrace after she tried it all on. 

Georgia helping fix breakfast. She is an expert biscuit maker! 

Granddad opening his train set from Gram. Love that smile!

Jack with his new dozer! He helped push everyone's gifts to them. 

Getting up the train set with Granddad and Aunt Shanna.

We gifted the grandmas and great-grandmas with silhouettes of the kids. I think they were a big hit.

When she's wearing her costume, we all have to call her Clara :)

Playing with his new puppy dog toy. 

Uncle Craig and Jack playing together  

Daddy and Jack enjoying the train set 

I'm trying to get all of Christmas wrapped up so I can start 2017 fresh! We've made so many memories in the past few weeks that I want to document to remember forever.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Porter Christmas

We always spend Christmas Eve with my Mamaw and Mom and family. The first Christmas Eves I remember were at my Grandparent's house on Tuck Street and they had a beautiful brick hearth that all our stockings hung on. And then they moved and we celebrated at their new homes. When my Papaw passed away in 2012, we spent one more Christmas Eve at Mamaw's house and then we started having it at Mom's house. I'm so thankful for this long standing tradition.
This will be Paige's last Christmas Eve with us for a long time probably. Being the good older sibling that I am, I made everyone take a ton of pictures to commemorate it.

My best friend forever and ever.

Aunt Paige and her favorite niece and nephew. Jack was stealing a boob squeeze ha!

Mamaw gifted each family with a quilt this year. I already had a snowball quilt from her that my Great-Grandmother Ludy made so I'm glad this time I received a bow tie design.

These type of shots of Christmas are my favorite.

Sweet baby Porter cousins.

This was kind of a photo fail but photo gold at the same time.


The annual Uncle Cody picture with the babies. He tried to stand and hold them last year, it didn't work out. This year we had an extra baby so standing was definitely not happening. We love Uncle Cody!


My favorite picture of the whole night. Totally done with pictures but still so adorable.

Uncle Eric and the Harrison babies. No one can make them belly laugh like Uncle Eric can! They will miss him sooo much.

Uncle Marcus and his nephew. I love this picture of them. Sweet sweet boys!

Aunt Kait and Bo. This is his first Christmas and his last one in the states unless I keep him forever #imgoingtotry
I'm not sure when the next time will be that we are all three together again but we sure enjoyed this Christmas <3

Mom and her grandbabies. Jack is such a fan of pictures as you can tell :) 


I can't explain how much I will miss these three.

He was hot at every Christmas event and ended up naked :) I love it!

Annual family Christmas picture. Jack is picking his nose and Georgia has messy hair but we're all happy and healthy and God is good.

He tuckered out before we finished opening presents. Such a mama's boy.
Opening one of our favorite gifts. It's a CloudBear. Uncle Eric, Aunt Paige and Bo can record messages through icloud and when they send a message, the bear's heart will blink. This will be a sweet way for the kids to communicate with them. Georgia is already asking for messages from the bear.

Friday, December 23, 2016

The First of Christmas

We are in full swing of Christmas festivities. We spread ours out over a week which works best with the babies so they don't get too overwhelmed with everything. 

Look who came to spend the day with us on Thursday! 

We had big plans to bake gingerbread cookie for Santa in our matching Santa pajamas. 

This will be our last Christmas together before the big move. My sister and her family are moving to Central Asia next year. Our lives are going to be forever changed and I'll miss them so much. Savoring every memory this year. #goodthingshardthings

We had plenty of help in the cinnamon department :)

Wednesday we had an early Christmas with Meme. Meme with all seven of her grandkids. Six girls, one boy. And now it's three girls and one boy for great grandbabies. No doubt it's a girl dominant family but sweet Jack boy is keeping the Harrison name alive.

The only boy Mark's family minus Jake who got called out for work during the gathering.

Georgia, Ada, Jack and Lola with Meme on her 83rd Christmas.

Sweet Georgia and Lola had such a fun night playing together! They are 7 months apart and were so happy together :)

Sweet babies sampling the finished gingerbread cookies. 

Thursday night we had Christmas at Ma and Pa's house. Cowboy Jack received a sheriff's hat and wore it while opening his cowhide wrapped gift from Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna. All boy!

Sister opening up her new pair of Ugg boots! She was really wanting a pair of these.

Both babies really enjoyed opening gifts this year. We would let them open first and then they could play with their gifts while everyone else opened. You can see Jack's John Deere tractor and Georgia's Barbie camper in the background.

Sheriff Granddad on duty 

Ma and her grandbabies. She always makes Christmas with them so special. We had gumbo for supper and hot chocolate to sip on while we opened gifts and enjoyed each other's company. I love my family! 

Ma and Pa gifted them more matching Christmas pajamas. I promise they will wear matching Christmas pajamas until they leave for college. 

Merry Christmas, friends! Of course I'm behind on my posting with all the holiday goodness that's going on but I hope to get most everything blogged before we start 2017. It's hard to believe Christmas and 2016 in general has come and gone. It has been a very sweet ending to an awesome year for us.