Monday, December 5, 2016

A New 'Do and Christmas Too

"Georgia, is that you? It sounds like you but your hair looks different."
"It's really me Daddy, I'm not lying!"
We took the plunge and gave Georgia an adorable bob cut last week. I really, really love it and I think it suits her personality. She seems to like it too and we have noticed a little change in her personality, possibly an extra boost of confidence. And maturity. She told her Sunday School teacher Mrs. Jan that she thought her haircut made her look 7 ha!

Her cut styled with her classic bow look. Not everyone can pull off a short haircut but my girl can!

Friday we went to the OWL Academy Christmas party. This was their last class of this calendar year. They had their carpet time (calendar, sung songs, weather, etc.), crafted an owl ornament, read books, had a visit from Santa, drink hot chocolate and ate cookies. It was a fun morning with just me and sister. I'm thankful for this program and how it's made her feel comfortable in the school setting and gave her a new group of kiddos to socialize with. 

I had the house all decorated by the weekend after Thanksgiving. We did all the same d├ęcor as we did last year and there's just something I love about my tree looking the same every year. It just feels like home.

Friday afternoon after the party the kids and me went shopping for a "Christmas surprise" for their grandparents. And candid moments only these days. Jack isn't having posed pictures.

We bought Georgia Grace a preschool activity book and she has been working in it like it's her job. When she finishes each page and if her work is good, she gets a Peppa Pig sticker. She is easy to motivate.

Saturday we went to the Morgantown Christmas parade. It passes right in front of Grandmomma's house so we decided to just watch it from the front door so we could stay nice and cozy. They are both well and we want to keep it that way as long as we can! Jack loved the horses and Georgia loved the Olaf float.

Remember what I said about a change in personality? She's got a little extra spunk! 
Saturday night was our annual BCBOE Christmas dinner. We went back to the Country Plantation House this year and it did not disappoint. It's so beautiful and we always enjoy catching up with friends we don't see very often.

Sunday morning snaps. This was the best I could get. Santa visited me early and brought a new camera! I practiced with it some this weekend. Georgia obliged, Jack did not :)

The kids received new Christmas carousels from Grandmomma that they couldn't wait to show me! Let's pray neither are broken before Christmas day.

The next three weeks will be busy ones as we try to cram in all the Christmas we can. I think a cold, snowy month like January that's meant for staying in and resting follows a busy December for a reason. 

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