Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goodbye November, Welcome Advent

I wish I had better news to report, but we are still sick. It's Jack this time and I probably have a touch of something myself but I'm too stubborn to go to the doctor so I just suffer in silence. I'm prayerful that we are finally on the road to recovery!
On Friday I did all the Christmas decorations except the tree and then on Saturday when Daddy came in from the woods he set it up for us and we got busy. Georgia was a big helper this year and we probably have 50 ornaments on the bottom branches alone. I just left them except for the heirloom ornaments, I moved them up the tree since Jack attack broke four ornaments in the first two hours of the tree being trimmed. Thank goodness there have been no other ornament casualties since the initial destruction. That's just part of Christmas with a 1 1/2 year old boy!

The last of our leaves fell over the weekend so I took the kids outside and snapped a few pictures before the leaves were gone and the cold weather set in. We are also considering a major haircut for this girl. I think a cute bob would be perfect for her! Now if we can only find the courage to take the plunge.

Best friends forever. He adores his "Dorda" :)

So Saturday the Cats won the Governor's Cup, the weather was nice enough to play in our new playhouse and we ate another turkey dinner at Grandmomma's house. It was one of our favorite days!

Please stay this little and innocent forever you two.

On Sunday we attended the hanging of the greens service at Grandmomma's church. We started going last year and looked forward to it this year. It also brought back a sad memory for us. Last year on this Sunday Owen was so so sick so Marcus stayed home with him and I took the kids on to church so they didn't have to see him so bad. This week is the anniversary of us losing him and my heart is heavy.

Georgia and Jack both participated in hanging the greens throughout the church. They were big helpers!

Back to the doctor on Monday with a red throat (strep wasn't positive but was probably heading into that) and lots of congestion. A shot and some more medicine and we were on our way. Thanks to Dr. Jessica for squeezing us in, we are forever obliged!

He's starting to feel better. He was up for a round of wrestling with dad last night before bed. He's not sleeping well which is so out of character. He has also sit in Gram's lap and watched a TV show which is not him either. He should be back to normal-ish by tomorrow!

It's the last day of November. I had goals to have my house completely Christmas-ed by now and that is done. I also had a goal to have all my Christmas shopping done. That is not complete but I'm about 75% complete. I hope to savor the last 31 days of 2016 as much as I can. This has been the fastest year ever.

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