Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trick or Treat and Four Year Check-Up

I had Georgia's birthday party post written and uploaded and somehow in the midst of it all it went away. There's nothing more aggravating but oh well. I'm just going to keep on keeping on and I'll get it posted when time allows. But, #thirdworldproblems :)

Halloween fell on a Monday this year and after trunk or treat and Halloween parties, we were ready for the main event! My cowboy Jack and Georgia the 50's girl stole my heart with their cuteness. Georgia's poodle skirt was made by her great-grandmother Kay and Jack wore his Daddy's snake skin boots. #homemadehalloween

We trick or treat by driving around to family member's houses and then end the night at Grandmomma's with chili and homemade pimento cheese. I was cracking up because my kids are so spoiled-they received bags of Cheetos, toys, MONEY. So funny and I love it!

A happy cowboy checking out his loot. 

"Trick treat trick treat trick treat" :)

The night after Halloween is so hard. Why does it have to end?!  

We started off the month of November with a big four year checkup for GGH. If there was a bravery award given out, she would have received it. She had three shots (including her school vaccines), one exam, a hearing screening and fluoride varnish. She handled it all with grace. She was so polite to her nurse and Dr. Lee. She only cried a few seconds with her shots. I'm so thankful for a healthy, thriving daughter!

She weighed 28 pounds 10 ounces (5th percentile), 39 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile) and her BMI is 1%. She's our teeny tiny baby girl but she's perfect just the way she is! Her doctor isn't concerned at all. Dr. Lee said she was advanced for her age and he was proud of her development.

He's the best around and we are blessed that he cares for our babies!
We rewarded ourselves with blizzards! Heath for Mommy and Cookie dough for Georgia. We were two happy girls.

Before dance class I stopped at Hobby Lobby for some frames and told sister that she could pick out one prize for her bravery at her appointment. We made a lap around the store and when she saw the nutcracker display with Clara we made a beeline for it and brought it home! I did not influence her pick but of everything in the store, this selection probably made me the happiest :) She wants to be Clara someday she says.

Today, Georgia has felt kind of puny which I am sure is related to the shots (and ongoing allergy crud). I've never been more thankful for a night at home. We needed rest and relaxation. Hopefully she will be back 100% tomorrow!

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