Sunday, November 13, 2016

Recapping the Weekend

We had a very laid back weekend around here, mostly due to Jack boy being sick at the end of the week. I took him to the doctor on Thursday and he was diagnosed with a right ear infection and croup. Since he was contagious we did our best to keep Georgia at arm's length and keep him contained at home.

This was Jack and me Thursday morning at about 1:30 a.m. If something effects his sleep, you know he's sick. He decided at about 1 a.m. That he wanted to "pway".

This is how he has spent the majority of the last four days. He fell asleep on the way home from the doctor Thursday at 1pm and did not wake up until Friday morning at 7am. Eighteen hours folks. This boy can sleep with the best of them. Thankfully he is feeling better. This is only his second time to be sick and his first antibiotic so I'm super thankful for a healthy boy.

After Marcus got home from school on Thursday, I took Georgia over to my Mom's to celebrate Gran Stan's birthday and of course to see Baby Bo. He is such a fatty watty! His legs put the Michelin man to shame. These two love each other very much.

Her favorite toy to play with at Gammy and Gran Stan's-her wooden magnetic dolls

Dressed in her patriotic best in honor of all the veterans on Veteran's Day. Thanks to all our service men and women for their dedication to our country.

A little sickness didn't slow this boy down from his rambunctious ways. He keeps a bruise, scrape, pump knot etc. Boys will be boys.

Sunday Georgia and I went to church while the boys stayed home and then Marcus and me switched kids and he took her to a birthday party. We did a lot of juggling this weekend but we made it all work.

One full week of work and then a short week before Thanksgiving is here! I blinked and we are wrapping up 2016. I have been knocking out my Christmas list so I can spend as much time as I can enjoying the holidays and not hustling and bustling to get everything done. I would love to have all my gifts by December 1st.  A girl can dream, right?

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