Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

It's been a fun last few days with lots of time with friends and family. We've cooked, we've eaten, we've visited and now we are ready for the Christmas season to begin. But first, a look at our turkey day festivities-

We celebrated with my family on Wednesday which just so happened to be my mom's birthday so we celebrated her too. Her birthday always gets thrown in with Thanksgiving but mine always gets thrown in with Easter so touché mom :) 

We failed at a picture of just the three amigos but did get one of them with the birthday girl and Gran Stan. This will be our last holidays that we spend with them before they move overseas so from now until then I will make every effort to document these days.  

Thanksgiving morning we slept in (8am) and then watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna joined us and we had biscuits and country ham. When it was time for Jack's nap, the girls got busy being domestic. We made creamed corn, candied yams and two pecan pies for our Thanksgiving dinner that we were hosting. I have a forever Thanksgiving feast helper. She LOVES to cook!

We called Uncle Cody since we wouldn't be seeing him this year for Thanksgiving but he will be home for almost a whole week for Christmas so we are looking forward to that. He told us he tried to go to the parade but it was too crowded but he did go out with his friends for a traditional Thanksgiving meal so that made my mama heart happy! 

They love Thanksgiving as much as we do. They looked forward to having family over to their house all day. Thankful doesn't even begin to describe it when it comes to these two. 

I pulled out the Indian headdresses we made last year. Of course Georgia's still fit fine and Jack's was way too small!

So he went ahead and tore his up. I love their surprised expressions but it really wasn't surprising ha! 

We love hosting the Flener/Harrison family and Marcus is such a huge help getting everything ready for it. He's better at it than me actually.

All that was left was a dirty kitchen and dining room but I'm so thankful for the mess that made the memory.


Pa's birthday was on Monday so we celebrated him too! 

Black Friday which is also known as our Christmas decorating day. We don't leave the house or get out of pjs (the kids and me, Marcus went hunting) and we let this day be our Christmas spirit kickoff day! I found a new recruit for the outside decorations :) 

And it's finally here-the new season of Gilmore Girls! Bring on the wit, segways, coffee and Jess :) #teamjess I had to retake this picture several times to make sure you could see my Luke's diner shirt. I don't wear tshirts but this will be an exception. I don't watch much TV but this is the exception. I've been a grassroots fan since the beginning (and actually prefer Rory as a high school junior but who asked me ha!) Rory taught me it was ok to enjoy reading, to appreciate my pale skin and that living in a small town can be appealing (Morgantown is no Stars Hollow but you get the picture I'm painting). This show just makes sense to me.

Tomorrow we finish up our decorating and have another family dinner. I'm about 75% finished with my Christmas shopping. I appreciate all the stores that offer their Black Friday sales online. If I can shop solely online and only go out to do a little window shopping this year I will be totally fine with that.

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