Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Really Good Stuff

So much good stuff in this post. Really good stuff. Things that make me giddy with excitement stuff.

I said "ABSOLUTELY" to my friend since forever. I've never been so happy for someone to find their soulmate than Juleah. I cannot wait to see her in her wedding dress because she always wears black and I think white will be the perfect color for her :) Love you Jewelz and Donnie!

Georgia had a fever after her vaccines last week so we spent a day at home with no plans, just resting and relaxing. I know one thing that Jack will be getting for Christmas. #onefullstool #toothpasteoneverybody

Thursday night I received a text that Ashley had labor pains through the night and they were admitting her following her appointment that morning! We headed to the hospital so we could be there when Baby Ben entered the world. They let us hang out outside her delivery room so of course I eavesdropped and repeated everything I heard to those waiting :)

Meet Baby Ben! He weighed 7 pounds 3 1/2 ounces and was 21 inches long with a head full of dark hair. He is soooo handsome and perfect. We love him so much already! Congrats Ash and James!

On Saturday we attended a Nutcracker Ballet Tea Party at Georgia's dance studio. I knew this event would be right up her alley since dancing and tea parties are two of her favorite things.

She met the Sugarplum Fairy (who was a sweet sixteen year old who had a fit over Georgia's dress because her mom dressed her the same way when she was little) and fell in love with ballet and The Nutcracker even more.

Our friends Lily and Gracyn were there too. Lily was actually selected to play Clara which was a huge honor! She did a wonderful job!

Sweet friends/cousins, Aunt Nell would be so proud of this picture 

I was able to meet Ben the night he was born but we waited for him to come home for the whole family to meet him. He is just a bundle of baby perfection! 

Uncle Marcus and Baby Ben

I took a four day weekend and Monday the kids and me had a day out to do some shopping. Georgia picked our lunch place so of course it was CFA. We pulled out our turkey shirts because it's November and I want to get as much wear out of them as I can :)

We shopped for our shoebox child. We picked a 2-4 year old girl and Georgia picked out almost everything that went in the box. Yes, that's a pom pom hanging out. I actually thought that was a really neat idea. When we got home from shopping, she said this was her favorite part of the whole day. We must be doing something right.

We had family pictures made with my Dad's family and the photographer snapped one of our family. I love the beautiful foliage in the background and the perfect November lighting. But I love these three people the most!

Saturday we entered into the Easy-Bake Oven phase of Georgia's childhood. I remember my EBO so well. Thank you Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Ash!

We did most of our baking during Jack's nap but he woke up on the tail end and wanted to be a part of it.

Finished product-red velvet cupcakes with pink frosting and rainbow confetti sprinkles!

Our official taste tester :)

Last night we attended the live airing of the CMA Country Christmas show at the Grand Ole Opry. I have looked forward to this night since I watched the show on TV last year and decided I would get us tickets for this year. The set was outstanding and we were in the balcony seats but we were in the center so we had a great view.

We took my Mamaw for her birthday/Christmas gift but she didn't want to hike the stairs again for a picture but we did get one with her when it was over.

The coal miner's daughter was in the house!! She's 84 and although it took her a few tries, she delivered a great performance. Since this was a live recording, artists sometimes had to redo their performances if it didn't go just right or if there was audio trouble. And the audience had specific things we had to do-big clapping, medium clapping, etc. It was fun to see it all unfold!

When I think about country music, I think about my grandparents and how the Grand Ole Opry was always on their TV when we would go to visit and how Vince Gill was always playing in their car :) This event just seemed like the perfect fit for us! The show will air November 28th at 7pm CT and it is sooooo good! Happy late birthday/early Christmas, Mamaw!

We elected a new president Tuesday night. Well actually Wednesday morning and Marcus and I stayed up until it became official. I don't dabble in politics too much but this election has been so historic and unexpected. I would have never in a million years imagined Donald Trump as my president but I have a lot of peace and hope in the decision our country made. It was an anti-politician and pro-small town America statement. There's a lot of work to be done and he's far from perfect, but I'm hopeful we can come out with an united country and a true country under GOD.

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