Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Year Update

Inspired by blog friend Jennifer I decided the end of the first month of the new year was a good time to give a little update on what all is going on around here. Spoiler alert-not a whole lot. It's been a nice break from the normal crazy.

Reading: Marcus and I resolved to read the Bible through this year using the guide here. It has helped me appreciate the Bible as one big story. I'm also hoping to start the bible study Seamless in February to supplement, it also approaches the Bible as a "seamless" book of chapters arranged together. Georgia loves to be read to and her favorites right now are Soup Day and The Hat.

Watching: I love TV, don't get me wrong, but I often don't make time for it. This month I have watched more than normal though due to the big snow and just a slower pace of life.

I binged watched this in about five nights after the babes went to bed and oh my. My range of emotions were all over the place.

My guilty pleasure. Ben might be my favorite Bachelor of all time. #teamcaila

And I am really excited about this coming on in February! I was a Full House junkie. I'm bummed the Olsen twins are not joining the fun. C'mon girls, stay true to your roots!

Cooking: We have cooked more this month than usual. My mother-in-law gifted me a Le Creuset covered casserole for Christmas and it is the best. Marcus got a new fryer and was making me eat fried dill pickles at 9pm last night. He didn't have to twist my arm too much :) I love our meals at home around the island talking about our day in between meeting the demands of the babes.

Eating: Southern comfort food (because it's winter and it's cold) and fresh fruit for balance. I am a firm believer in all things in moderation. Chocolate chip cookies and milk before bed happened more times than I care to admit. How close is swimsuit season?

Texting: My texting with Rachel has been my favorite this month as we analyzed the wet/dry vote in our county. Total hysteria!

Pinning: I have spent very little time on social media this month (thank you wet/dry vote) but I did create a Disney board one night for our upcoming trip. I really need to start perusing for Jack's first birthday. It is totally going to sneak up on me, I can feel it.

Going: We had a ski trip tentatively planned this month that didn't work out but hopefully we will get to go Valentine's weekend. This month was a time to just stay in and celebrate home.

Loving: Our beautiful 10 inch snow we received last week. We hibernated for three days and it was good for the soul. January has a beautiful way of forcing you to slow down and rejuvenate. I am also loving my new title as a "dance mom". Georgia has been to two ballet classes and loves it. She looks forward to it all week.

Discovering: I have done quite a bit of research this month on television options besides cable. We have Dish and our one year promotion ended in November. Our bill now is more than I care to spend on TV so I have educated myself on Roku, Sling, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Our love of sporting events is our main hesitation to pull the trigger on TV streaming right now but it could be in the future.

Celebrating: Jack is back to sleeping through the night again!!! I can hear the Hallelujah chorus in the background.

Purchasing: We have tried to follow a pretty strict budget this month, we have a lot of traveling coming up this year we want to save for and we always try to reign it back in after all the holiday spending.

Pursuit Of Happiness Green And Navy Tie Waist Dress
Wearing: I bought this before Christmas and have wore it a lot this month. It has been COLD so also wearing my Bean boots and Patagonia pullover in regular rotation. And when I am home, flannel pajamas. 8am, 2pm, 6pm it doesn't matter, you'll find me in warm pjs :) 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Slideshow

Winter Storm Jonas touched down at our house Thursday night into Friday morning unloading about 10 inches of snow (the first inch is actually ice!) and turning our world into a winter wonderland. We didn't leave the house until Sunday afternoon and I never had cabin fever, it was such a refreshing and exciting time to be at home.

The neatest thing about this snow is that most of it all happened during daylight hours so we were able to watch it snow all day long. So beautiful. When we were at half a foot and it was only 10am I was really thinking it might be February before we could get out!

We took the babes back out for a little playing and sledding. It was still snowing so it was a little harder for them to enjoy but it was still fun.

A snowy Harrison crew

Mommy took the babes on a little sleigh ride in the yard.

They loved it! We headed back inside afterward because I am always paranoid they will get sick but I had to let them enjoy it for a little while.

We may be snowed in but we're dreaming of spring. We're watching all the Disney movies and answering all the 4,538 questions she has about WDW.

I did a lot of this over the past week and it was bliss. Both of my babies love to be rocked to sleep so we do. We rocked Georgia until she outgrew it but she still requests it ever so often. I'm sure it will be the same way with Jack. Thank you babies for letting me rock you to sleep <3

Another snow day and another piece of snow attire. Isn't this little carhartt snowsuit the cutest thing ever?!? Thanks Ma and Pa!

My sister and brother-in-law came up for the snowy weekend and stayed with us Saturday night (thank you 4WDs!). Georgia could not wait for them to get here to play with her in the snow!

We took my Mom's 4WD over to my Dad's to do some sledding. He has beautiful views up on his hill that were highlighted with the beautiful snow.

The girls and Baby Bo :)

We introduced Georgia Grace to our childhood sledding hill. So many near broken bones and falls into the frozen pond. The more rides you take the faster you go! I love the beach and summer and warm weather, but I love my winters to be white.

We are still covered in snow and we will be off two more days from school. It may not snow another flake all winter but this one sure outdid itself! It will be hard to get back to our normal routine once it all melts. I'm really good at the no schedule, wearing pajamas all day and staying up past bedtime thing :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Much Fun

What a ca-razy week this has been. Monday was MLK day so a fun day at home, Tuesday was a normal day and then we woke up to a winter wonderland Wednesday morning and the rest of the week has been snow days! Tonight, winter storm Jonas is expected to hit starting with freezing rain turning to snow with a possible accumulation of 8 inches. We have our gas logs, "milk and bread" so we are prepared to bear down if we have to!

Since this was our first real snow of the season we couldn't wait to get outside and play in it. This was the first snow that Georgia really was so excited about and she would have stayed out all day if we had let her.

My snowbabies. We need to thank Santa for a lot of things in this picture-the sled, Georgia's coat and earmuffs. He must have known what this winter was going to be like for us.

Jack's first snow. He was a fan! He wanted more action but settled for watching sister through the window in mommy's arms. Don't you just want to squeeze him and kiss his cheeks?

Daddy was throwing snow up in the air so it would snow on her which she loved. She loved being pulled on the sled and shoveling snow with Daddy.

This boy wanted to eat it. And he did, just like he did the sand at the beach :)

I just love this action shot. Georgia is playing hard, evident with the tongue out, and Jack is all eyes on sister. He watches every move she makes.

Appointments are canceled, schools are closed and schedules are clear for staying home and enjoying the winter weather headed our way. Days filled with snow cream, warm baths, games of Candyland, relaxing by the fireplace and more playing in the snow are here!

Thank you January for forcing us to slow down and enjoy these precious, fleeting moments. These are the best days I want to hold on to forever.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Note From The Long Weekend

It's Monday night and I am pooped from a full day of grocery shopping and running errands early this am while the babies and Daddy slept, organizing our clothes closets and just the normal daily tasks so this post is short and sweet. The warm bed is calling my name! :)

Marcus and I are doing a little water competition to encourage each other to drink our eight glasses of water per day. The glasses hold two cups so I have been pouring four glasses for each of us in the morning and we drink on them through the day (if we drink water away from home, we just pour the amount out) (also, call me crazy but I like my water at room temperature). There's just something about seeing it sitting on the counter as a gentle reminder that motivates me to keep myself hydrated. So far it's fun and has been a success!

Jack boy loves his bath time. He was already looking in the direction of the tub like "Ok mom, let's get to splashing already!". And boy does he splash. Bath time is his favorite time of the day.

Is there anything sweeter than a fresh and clean baby? No, the answer is no. Even a teething one :)

Both of my babies inherited their Daddy's eyelashes and I am so thankful.

I try to grab a picture of the babes/family on Sunday mornings because it's the one time of the week we are all put together at the same time. Y'all pretend this is a super sweet sibling moment instead of a hair pulling incident. Gah the hair pulling and pinching are his favorite things! I know it's his way of showing affection but it hurts. He is learning the word no early.

Big sister is so patient and slow to anger. She loves Jack so big and I know I am raising a future amazing mom. Her heart is pure gold and she is passionate! I love her so much!

It's colder than all get out here. Snow is in the forecast so we may be in for some snow days by midweek! I would love to try out the new sled from Santa. And even though snow days complicate the school calendar and make up days, a few peppered in here and there are welcomed :) 

Unfortunately, our neighborhood has had several burglaries this weekend. There was a few back in the fall and they have continued which makes you uneasy and frustrated at the same time. Our neighborhood has the Nextdoor app and we communicate with each other when something looks suspicious and such. I'm thankful for sweet neighbors who look out for each other. I'm also thankful for our security system, I have peace of mind since we decided it was needed to protect us.

Off to bed I go, the alarm will be ringing way too soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Things

We are already into the middle of January and we are getting settled in to the new year. I'm still feeling the joy of new beginnings from my new planner, new bible readings, new activities and newfound energy from Jack deciding that sleeping more at night was a good thing!

Thank you son.

While everything is still fresh and new I'm trying my best to make blogging a regular habit again so I can put words to my memories. Our story is so good and fun and alive right now. I want to preserve it and bottle it up.

Here our five big things to put in my memory bank-

1. Our Compassion Child Fitsum turned 7 on the 7th and we sent him a letter and pictures of our growing family. We sent this back in the fall because there is so much mail delivery lag time to Ethiopia. My prayer is that Fitsum will love Jesus. I want his needs to be met and for him to receive a good education but above all I want him to know the Lord.

2. I posted pictures of our playroom tour last week, but this is really how it looks the other 364 days. This was the result of our first snow day on Monday.

I watched this video this week and sobbed. Everything about it reminds me of Georgia. The nursery is so much the same as hers that for the first 15 seconds Marcus thought it was a video I had made! A beautiful reminder to live in the moment.

4. Georgia had her first dance class Wednesday afternoon. This was one of my favorite days to be her mom.

On the way to The Dance Academy she was singing "to dance class we go, to dance class we go"! She was so excited for it.

She loved it and did well listening and following directions. There was no anxiety, no nervousness, just excitement!

I just love our little ballerina. I hope she loves dance as much as I did.

While Georgia was dancing I found this flashback in time...

I danced for six years at the same academy with the same teacher. I think that is awesome!

Two generations of dancers with a strong gene pool.

5. Just a precious picture of brother bear. He has some object permanence going on and does not want anyone to leave his sight. He doesn't have to be held but you better not go anywhere. He could be our stage five clinger :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jack is nine months old!

Dear Jack,
It is amazing how slow nine months seemed when you were growing in the womb and how fast nine months seem with you here with us. We fall more in love with you everyday. You make your mommy, daddy and big sister so proud to call you ours! This is how you are measuring up at the nine month mark:

Weight/height: Your nine month checkup was scheduled for today but your pediatrician is out of town so now it is moved to the beginning of February. I will update then.

Hair: Long, blonde and curling in the back. We keep it swept to the side so it's not in your face and all Christmas we joked that you looked like Hermey the Elf from Rudolph :)
It's the hair!

Eyes: Dark blue. They are shaped just like Georgia's and you look like identical babies when you sleep. You have beautiful eyelashes, just like your sister and daddy.

Clothes: 12 months. Some of your 12 month footed sleepers are snug already. You get hot easy so we have had a hard time dressing you warm this winter because you're like a little heater.

Diapers: size 3

Sleeping: Bedtime has moved up to 8:30 and you are only getting up one time to eat now-yay! You take usually two (sometimes three) 1-2 hour naps per day. Every time we go to get you in the morning or from nap you are standing up in your crib waiting. 

Likes: Playing with Georgia Grace and being with her at all times, eating almost anything and everything, having someone hold your hands to walk, using your walker, baths, snuggling, your ba ba, being tickled, pinching :/, pulling hair :/ :/, being held

Dislikes: being put down, someone leaving the room, being confined, green vegetables
Eating: You take 4-5 bottles a day and eat 3 times. You eat baby food well and we have started incorporating some table foods-mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, cheese, bananas. You reach for the food we are eating. You are completely weaned from breakfast now and receive Enfamil formula now. I had hoped to make it to a year but I will take 3/4th a year with no complaints. I'm so glad our BF journey was successful and rewarding.

Favorite Foods: Oatmeal, mango, sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, brown beans, strawberries

Milestones: You are crawling everywhere, pulling up to stand, standing on your own and trying to walk! I wouldn't be shocked if you started walking before our next monthly update. I have mixed emotions about this but you are ambitious and I wouldn't dare stop you from being bold.

Baby items we can't live without: Wubbanub, walker

A little brother sister comparison at the nine month mark. You can tell they are siblings but they have their own adorable look too.

Happy nine months to our sweet son! Your first birthday is truly on the horizon. These last nine months have went crazy fast but they have been crazy fun too. You have been the perfect addition to our little family.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Cozy Days

I am writing this post curled up in our recliner under a cable knit blanket while the babies and husband sleep and a light snow covers the ground outside. It's not much but enough to cause slick roads and a snow day! Our first snow of 2016 is in the books.

We have had a pretty normal weekend mostly staying home and playing. You should see our playroom, the floor is not visible. I'm thankful I can shut the door and pretend it doesn't look that way :)

Saturday we went to our friend Candi's baby shower. The babes were matching in their navy outfits so a picture was warranted but instead this broke out. She is a good sport! We tell her this is his way of showing affection right now and some day it will be kisses and hugs like she gives him. Boys will be boys.

Instagram is my favorite form of social media and I have been inspired by Emily Ley's #simplicitychallenge2016. Everyday she posts an convicting encouraging memo of things you can do to simplify your life. Clean out the fridge, take everything off your nightstand except four items, etc. are some of the things she has posted. Day 3 really hit home with me. I do pretty well with blogging but I get behind on getting my pictures downloaded and saved to our computer (and then backed up on our hard drive). I have spent time this week getting pictures truly saved and I even went on to work in Jack's baby book and print some photos! It was therapeutic and much needed. 

It was spitting snow outside but this girl insisted on wearing her Ariel swimsuit and a crown like Aunt Shanna (she saw a picture of her from like 5 Halloweens ago). She really wanted red hair too!

It wasn't a lot of snow but we were excited to bring out our winter accessories. I found this muff for Georgia and it brought back memories of my childhood. The one I had made me feel fancy schmancy!

Two busy, sans clothes babies. Georgia likes to change clothes 138403 times a day. Jack likes to stand up on his own 173587 times a day.

This weekend we found out my sister and brother-in-law are having a BOY! Nobody was shocked, we have thought boy all along. I have been referring to the baby has he/him for a while :) Oh how much we love this baby boy already!

That big piece of news motivated me to gather up all of Jack's things that he has already outgrown and/or doesn't use anymore (how can it be?!?) to give to my nephew. He already has a tote full of hand me downs and several pieces of baby gear!

And I had the happiest little helper overseeing the progress. We are spending more time in his nursery now that he likes to be down in the floor playing and he loves it.

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Cozy and productive with a little side of crazy thrown in for good measure. There is more snow in the forecast so we will see how it unfolds. Georgia is anxious to use her new sled from Santa!