Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Much Fun

What a ca-razy week this has been. Monday was MLK day so a fun day at home, Tuesday was a normal day and then we woke up to a winter wonderland Wednesday morning and the rest of the week has been snow days! Tonight, winter storm Jonas is expected to hit starting with freezing rain turning to snow with a possible accumulation of 8 inches. We have our gas logs, "milk and bread" so we are prepared to bear down if we have to!

Since this was our first real snow of the season we couldn't wait to get outside and play in it. This was the first snow that Georgia really was so excited about and she would have stayed out all day if we had let her.

My snowbabies. We need to thank Santa for a lot of things in this picture-the sled, Georgia's coat and earmuffs. He must have known what this winter was going to be like for us.

Jack's first snow. He was a fan! He wanted more action but settled for watching sister through the window in mommy's arms. Don't you just want to squeeze him and kiss his cheeks?

Daddy was throwing snow up in the air so it would snow on her which she loved. She loved being pulled on the sled and shoveling snow with Daddy.

This boy wanted to eat it. And he did, just like he did the sand at the beach :)

I just love this action shot. Georgia is playing hard, evident with the tongue out, and Jack is all eyes on sister. He watches every move she makes.

Appointments are canceled, schools are closed and schedules are clear for staying home and enjoying the winter weather headed our way. Days filled with snow cream, warm baths, games of Candyland, relaxing by the fireplace and more playing in the snow are here!

Thank you January for forcing us to slow down and enjoy these precious, fleeting moments. These are the best days I want to hold on to forever.

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