Sunday, January 3, 2016

Old and New

Happy New Year!
There's just something about a fresh, new year that is inspiring. I even pulled out Jack's baby book and worked on it last night, the first time since he was a month old! Oh you poor second child. Thank goodness I have my blog archives.
I am really looking forward to 2016. Jack's first birthday will be here before we can turn around. My favorite thing to do is travel and we have several trips planned. It will also be a year of watching our brother sister relationship blossom. He is beginning to be able to play with her and she is viewing him more as a playmate. I'm sure there will be a few sweet moments in between the hair pulling and sharing confrontations :)
I never dreamed Jack would get to wear this shortall again but it was 65 degrees so we gave it another spin to celebrate the win over Louisville! His little pouty lips are just too much.
We had tons of rain in December and about the only good thing about it was getting to wear our new Hunter rain boots from Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna.

Brother bear is on the loose! He perfected the crawl game last week and there's no stopping him now. He is also wanting to pull up on everything. Walking is a lot closer than I would like for it to be!
We were so fancy on NYE chillin' at home in our jammies and respecting the babe's bedtimes. Georgia wore her Cinderella gown so I guess that counts for our black tie attire.
Every New Years Eve I think back to my favorite one when we spent it in Times Square ringing in 2011. This was before babies and when traveling on a whim was possible! Wish we could be in NYC with my brother this year but I'm also content with a night at home in my pajamas watching football bowl games and playing Candyland. If you want to do something bold, do it. Don't hesitate. Life is short and tomorrow isn't guaranteed. I'm so glad we did this.
Just another throwback from our New York trip five years ago. I'm determined to get back to the Big Apple while my brother is living there, it would be great to see him and the city again.
I've started a Disney countdown on my phone and Georgia and I are going to make a construction paper link chain to count the days down as well. Our last trip to WDW was in 2012 so I'm anxious to see the new attractions and use MyMagic+. This will be the babe's first time. We've been watching videos to expose Georgia to the magic!
The first day of 2016 and one of use was ready to tackle the new year and the other not so much. You should see mommy if you think Jack looks tired. We think he is cutting his top teeth now, bless his heart he was miserable New Year's Day. Thankfully by the night he was feeling better and slept well. Teething is straight from the devil!

She asked for two things from Santa: a dolly and prizes. She has named her dolly "Sarah" and the first night she accidentally left her at my aunt's house ha! We will have to work on our parenting skills but she is practicing :)

Looking way too big and old and mature and beautiful and all those things that make me realize she's growing up right before our eyes. Even dressing her in "baby clothes" doesn't help sometimes. She's 3 going on 13.
"You're my best friend Mommy and best friends shop together" Be still my heart.

We went to our friend Jace's Star Wars birthday party on Saturday. She was the baby of the group and loved all the attention from the big kids. My mom kept Jack because "babies can't jump in bouncy houses" :)
Our cousins from Indianapolis came down for the weekend so we have been visiting them at Grandmomma's so the cousins can play together. I didn't get a caption with this picture but I'm pretty sure they are too big for their britches :)
Everything goes back to normal on Monday. As much as I enjoy routine and consistency, our easy and relaxed winter break has been the best. I know extra caffeine will be in order for a while!

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