Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Home Tour-Playroom

I started the home tour series on the blog last year and wasn't real diligent about getting my rooms photographed and blogged but I hope to pick it back up this year. We have been in our house a little over a year now and it finally feels furnished and uniquely ours.

Our playroom is shared by both babes so I knew it had to be "kid friendly" as opposed to a princess palace. I chose lots of bright colors, shapes and patterns to make it a fun room that the kids enjoy being in. We spend SO much time in this room.

This is the room when we first bought the house. The walls had been painted but that was the only change from its original state.

As I mentioned the playroom is off of Georgia's nursery and this is the view from her nursery. I took pictures of the playroom before Christmas so our trees are up and we are minus all of our new Christmas toy additions that I still don't have organized yet :)

The room has an odd shape so we worked with the sloping roof lines to use vertical space for storage and create a little window seat. All of the storage units came from the mix and match ikea storage collection so I decided to make one side shorter to serve dual purpose as a TV stand.

Georgia's kitchen area is where she spends most of her time playing. She is our domestic soul and loves to play waitress. She received her kitchen from Grandmomma and Granddad her second Christmas and it's been a great investment. I had plans to use a frame and make a faux window to put on the kitchen wall so maybe I can get to that project this spring.

The wooden toybox was built by Granddad when Marcus was a baby and now our babies store their toys in it. It's bigger than the average toy box which is nice. I framed some of Georgia's artwork from preschool in $1.99 Ikea frames. I hoarded extra frames for Jack when he begins creating masterpieces.

I am so glad our playroom has a window! I know most playrooms are over garages and windows are hard to come by so this just makes me love this room even more.

I bought cheap linen curtains and added a pom pom trim to them to match the rainbow of colors going on in the room.

I am not sewing and embroidering like I use to but I can handle small projects like this. I kind of want to add these pom pom to everything that doesn't move now :)

Dollhouse and TV area. We don't use the TV a whole lot in here but sometimes we will pop a DVD in.

We kept the loveseat from our old house so adults would have a comfortable place to sit if we get tired of sitting in the floor. Grandmomma made me some fun polka dot cushions for the couch.

Sister girl approves of her playroom! She's not much on keeping it clean and organized but maybe that will come later. Or maybe it won't and I will just let this room go because we all need one room that isn't put together right?



  1. those curtains!! perfection, friend! x

    1. Thanks, Elise! A DIY success story, I love a good Pom Pom :)