Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Note From The Long Weekend

It's Monday night and I am pooped from a full day of grocery shopping and running errands early this am while the babies and Daddy slept, organizing our clothes closets and just the normal daily tasks so this post is short and sweet. The warm bed is calling my name! :)

Marcus and I are doing a little water competition to encourage each other to drink our eight glasses of water per day. The glasses hold two cups so I have been pouring four glasses for each of us in the morning and we drink on them through the day (if we drink water away from home, we just pour the amount out) (also, call me crazy but I like my water at room temperature). There's just something about seeing it sitting on the counter as a gentle reminder that motivates me to keep myself hydrated. So far it's fun and has been a success!

Jack boy loves his bath time. He was already looking in the direction of the tub like "Ok mom, let's get to splashing already!". And boy does he splash. Bath time is his favorite time of the day.

Is there anything sweeter than a fresh and clean baby? No, the answer is no. Even a teething one :)

Both of my babies inherited their Daddy's eyelashes and I am so thankful.

I try to grab a picture of the babes/family on Sunday mornings because it's the one time of the week we are all put together at the same time. Y'all pretend this is a super sweet sibling moment instead of a hair pulling incident. Gah the hair pulling and pinching are his favorite things! I know it's his way of showing affection but it hurts. He is learning the word no early.

Big sister is so patient and slow to anger. She loves Jack so big and I know I am raising a future amazing mom. Her heart is pure gold and she is passionate! I love her so much!

It's colder than all get out here. Snow is in the forecast so we may be in for some snow days by midweek! I would love to try out the new sled from Santa. And even though snow days complicate the school calendar and make up days, a few peppered in here and there are welcomed :) 

Unfortunately, our neighborhood has had several burglaries this weekend. There was a few back in the fall and they have continued which makes you uneasy and frustrated at the same time. Our neighborhood has the Nextdoor app and we communicate with each other when something looks suspicious and such. I'm thankful for sweet neighbors who look out for each other. I'm also thankful for our security system, I have peace of mind since we decided it was needed to protect us.

Off to bed I go, the alarm will be ringing way too soon.

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