Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Slideshow

Winter Storm Jonas touched down at our house Thursday night into Friday morning unloading about 10 inches of snow (the first inch is actually ice!) and turning our world into a winter wonderland. We didn't leave the house until Sunday afternoon and I never had cabin fever, it was such a refreshing and exciting time to be at home.

The neatest thing about this snow is that most of it all happened during daylight hours so we were able to watch it snow all day long. So beautiful. When we were at half a foot and it was only 10am I was really thinking it might be February before we could get out!

We took the babes back out for a little playing and sledding. It was still snowing so it was a little harder for them to enjoy but it was still fun.

A snowy Harrison crew

Mommy took the babes on a little sleigh ride in the yard.

They loved it! We headed back inside afterward because I am always paranoid they will get sick but I had to let them enjoy it for a little while.

We may be snowed in but we're dreaming of spring. We're watching all the Disney movies and answering all the 4,538 questions she has about WDW.

I did a lot of this over the past week and it was bliss. Both of my babies love to be rocked to sleep so we do. We rocked Georgia until she outgrew it but she still requests it ever so often. I'm sure it will be the same way with Jack. Thank you babies for letting me rock you to sleep <3

Another snow day and another piece of snow attire. Isn't this little carhartt snowsuit the cutest thing ever?!? Thanks Ma and Pa!

My sister and brother-in-law came up for the snowy weekend and stayed with us Saturday night (thank you 4WDs!). Georgia could not wait for them to get here to play with her in the snow!

We took my Mom's 4WD over to my Dad's to do some sledding. He has beautiful views up on his hill that were highlighted with the beautiful snow.

The girls and Baby Bo :)

We introduced Georgia Grace to our childhood sledding hill. So many near broken bones and falls into the frozen pond. The more rides you take the faster you go! I love the beach and summer and warm weather, but I love my winters to be white.

We are still covered in snow and we will be off two more days from school. It may not snow another flake all winter but this one sure outdid itself! It will be hard to get back to our normal routine once it all melts. I'm really good at the no schedule, wearing pajamas all day and staying up past bedtime thing :)

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