Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Year Update

Inspired by blog friend Jennifer I decided the end of the first month of the new year was a good time to give a little update on what all is going on around here. Spoiler alert-not a whole lot. It's been a nice break from the normal crazy.

Reading: Marcus and I resolved to read the Bible through this year using the guide here. It has helped me appreciate the Bible as one big story. I'm also hoping to start the bible study Seamless in February to supplement, it also approaches the Bible as a "seamless" book of chapters arranged together. Georgia loves to be read to and her favorites right now are Soup Day and The Hat.

Watching: I love TV, don't get me wrong, but I often don't make time for it. This month I have watched more than normal though due to the big snow and just a slower pace of life.

I binged watched this in about five nights after the babes went to bed and oh my. My range of emotions were all over the place.

My guilty pleasure. Ben might be my favorite Bachelor of all time. #teamcaila

And I am really excited about this coming on in February! I was a Full House junkie. I'm bummed the Olsen twins are not joining the fun. C'mon girls, stay true to your roots!

Cooking: We have cooked more this month than usual. My mother-in-law gifted me a Le Creuset covered casserole for Christmas and it is the best. Marcus got a new fryer and was making me eat fried dill pickles at 9pm last night. He didn't have to twist my arm too much :) I love our meals at home around the island talking about our day in between meeting the demands of the babes.

Eating: Southern comfort food (because it's winter and it's cold) and fresh fruit for balance. I am a firm believer in all things in moderation. Chocolate chip cookies and milk before bed happened more times than I care to admit. How close is swimsuit season?

Texting: My texting with Rachel has been my favorite this month as we analyzed the wet/dry vote in our county. Total hysteria!

Pinning: I have spent very little time on social media this month (thank you wet/dry vote) but I did create a Disney board one night for our upcoming trip. I really need to start perusing for Jack's first birthday. It is totally going to sneak up on me, I can feel it.

Going: We had a ski trip tentatively planned this month that didn't work out but hopefully we will get to go Valentine's weekend. This month was a time to just stay in and celebrate home.

Loving: Our beautiful 10 inch snow we received last week. We hibernated for three days and it was good for the soul. January has a beautiful way of forcing you to slow down and rejuvenate. I am also loving my new title as a "dance mom". Georgia has been to two ballet classes and loves it. She looks forward to it all week.

Discovering: I have done quite a bit of research this month on television options besides cable. We have Dish and our one year promotion ended in November. Our bill now is more than I care to spend on TV so I have educated myself on Roku, Sling, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Our love of sporting events is our main hesitation to pull the trigger on TV streaming right now but it could be in the future.

Celebrating: Jack is back to sleeping through the night again!!! I can hear the Hallelujah chorus in the background.

Purchasing: We have tried to follow a pretty strict budget this month, we have a lot of traveling coming up this year we want to save for and we always try to reign it back in after all the holiday spending.

Pursuit Of Happiness Green And Navy Tie Waist Dress
Wearing: I bought this before Christmas and have wore it a lot this month. It has been COLD so also wearing my Bean boots and Patagonia pullover in regular rotation. And when I am home, flannel pajamas. 8am, 2pm, 6pm it doesn't matter, you'll find me in warm pjs :) 

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