Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunny & Snuggles

"I got to skip winter. Shout out to Kentucky" I saw this statement on social medial the other day and it made me laugh out loud so I thought it was worth sharing. What a crazy start to 2017 it has been. We saw 80 degrees on Friday! Everything is blooming and grass is starting to grow. If it really is an early spring, super! If another hard frost comes and kills everything, bummer :( We will see how it goes.

Georgia received a teeth cleaning chart and an hourglass for timing her brushing at OWL Academy last week. I guess it's for two minutes but it seems like an eternity. She will get tired and asked me to finish it for her ha! We are establishing good oral hygiene early.

We spent the afternoon outside on Thursday enjoying the unseasonal temps. 

Banging up knees already. I can't imagine what these will look like in a few months.

The neighbors were grilling and we played in the backyard on February 23rd. It was fine with me :)

Jack had started to feel a little cruddy towards the end of the week and woke up Saturday morning feeling worse so we took him to the pediatrician's office. He just had a right ear infection so I was very thankful! There's lots of sickness going around right now. We were in and out in 45 minutes! He's already feeling better.

We had a play date at our house scheduled for Saturday morning so we moved that to our cousin's house so the girls could still play together. Georgia had looked forward to her play date with Marley so much! "She's like my really good friend, so we have a friendship"- Georgia about Marley :) They are so precious!

Daddy had some music on and sister asked him to dance :) It was the sweetest thing to see from the other room. 

Keagen came over for a haircut and stayed for supper. He had never had asparagus and he loved it! I was so proud I introduced him to a new vegetable that he will eat. My kids like it too. Dietitian's dream come true!

Daddy stayed home with brother but this girl didn't want to miss Sunday School and children's church. I hope she always loves going to church and learning about Jesus.

Sunday afternoon it cooled off again so we just stayed in, watched Finding Dory and snuggled. I say snuggled loosely. Georgia and I snuggled. Jack posed for a picture and then ran that truck in his hand over our heads and scattered cereal all over the couch. That's his definition of snuggling :)

The weekend is over already :( We've got a busy week ahead of us that will keep us on our toes but we will manage I'm sure. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Valentine's and A Nephew

Jack likes to keep us on our toes if you haven't noticed already. He loves to throw things in the toilet and consequently clogged up our upstairs toilet. Granddad had to come over, take the toilet off the wall and this is what we found. A bunch of army men and a tub of vaporub.

Monday night we celebrated Valentine's Day at Grandmomma's with a special meal for MND. Georgia was amazed by the strawberry pie!

After MND, we went to Brennan's ballgame. We haven't made it to very many of his games this year, mainly because it interferes with this boy's bedtime, but his season is coming to an end so we are trying to get to a few more. This was Jack's first experience with ballgame popcorn. He is a fan!

Valentine's Day really slipped up on this mom this year. Georgia wrote her own name on her cards this year so that took some extra time so we were finishing them up on Monday night after the ballgame to have ready to go for Tuesday morning. Shew!

AKK Valentine's Day Party 2017
I seriously blinked and she went from the baby of the group to one of the bigger kids.

She had a ball at her party like always.

Valentine's Day morning lovins. They complete me.

Marcus and I saw each other for about 45 minutes on Valentine's Day between work, taking Georgia to dance and repairing the toilet I mentioned earlier. We did go out last weekend to celebrate so that was Valentine's Day for us. But everyday is Valentine's Day for us :) Love you long time, babe.

Friday was her Valentine's Day party at OWL Academy. I mentioned how this holiday slipped up on us so Gammy came to the rescue with a card box for the event! She obviously loved it and was so excited to go!

Partying with her OWL friends.

Saturday we went to watch Keagen play two basketball games to end his season. He won the first one and had 17 points!

He made it to the championship game and got to play on the high school court. They lost but he played awesome and we are so proud of our favorite youngest Grubb kid.

Sunday was a big day that we had all been waiting for. We finally found out the gender of Aunt Shanna and Uncle Jake's baby.

 It's a boy! Another sweet nephew is on the way! I think everybody thought and secretly was rooting for blue. Georgia said that she wanted to stay the only girl and Jack was happy to have a playmate!

Pregnancy suits my sister-in-law, she looked so beautiful yesterday!

 This is how you feel when you learn you're getting another boy in the family! :)

Morgan Paige and Georgia Grace supporting team boy!

It was a fun week and weekend and now we are back to the normal grind.  

Monday, February 13, 2017


Blogging has unfortunately transitioned to just a weekly post recapping the week. Marcus asked me yesterday if I was giving it up completely and I said no, we're just in a phase where this is what blogging looks like but I hope to pick it back up and do more frequent posts in the spring when we have more activities going on. This place is my memory book and I think I would be lost without it!

Jack started Toddler Tales at the library last week. My mom is keeping him on Mondays and this is one of their activities.

Jack and his new Toddler Tale friends. It looks like they are all looking at the new kid ha! :)

After Monday night dinner these two played like they were napping. Well one of them did and the other was too curious.

Tuesday night after dance we met Aunt Paige for a few minutes at CFA. I love this picture of these two <3

While we were at dance, Daddy and Jack went to watch Morgan Paige in the district spelling bee. She came in second! I'm so proud of how my husband supports his students.

The kids and me facetimed while I was at work and they were at home with Daddy. Jack was giving Mama kisses. Georgia had already moved on to the next thing :)

And then when I got home they greeted me with a big hug! They make my heart want to explode.

We may not have snow but we have a lot of flu going around in our little town so we had an unexpected three days off this past week! And the best part was we have avoided any sick germs (knock on wood!) so we were able to enjoy those days to the fullest. The babies favorite thing to do right now is play hide and seek. They were "hidenin" in this picture according to sweet Jack :)  

Sister has a social calendar that is more full than mine so while Georgia went to the rodeo, we took big boy with us to supper and to do a little shopping. We picked up some big boy underwear for him! We have the potty chair out and have put the underwear on but that's about the extent of it so far. He doesn't like to wear a dirty diaper so I'm hoping that's a sign that he will be easy to train. I will do a follow-up post on this.

Georgia Grace at her first rodeo. She loved it and talked about it the rest of the weekend. She played rodeo and we would have to cheer for her when she rode into the stadium.

Thanks Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna for letting her tag along!

Saturday night we went to see our friend Travis's band play at Betty's. It had been a long time since we had done anything like this and we had a lot of fun!

Sunday our sweet friend Ava joined Georgia Grace in Sunday School for the first time. These three friends sure love each other and I can only imagine the funny things Mrs. Jan hears :)

After church we ate lunch with Eric, Paige and Bo at my mamaw's. This is about fifty pounds of my favorite boys. It was nap time o'clock for both of them :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Shopping, Super Bowl and Sweet Babies

We are well into February and continuing to enjoy the lazier days of winter. We are still waiting for a big snow! I'm starting to have my doubts if we are going to get one this year. The kids I will be so disappointed if we don't!

Just two girls putting on their faces. She loves makeup so much. And to be honest so does her brother. We have lots of talks about who can wear makeup and who cannot. He's usually fine if he can just have some chapstick :)

She's getting so big so quick. Everyone assumes she will be starting kindergarten in the fall because of her maturity. Thankfully we will have another full year with this girl before she officially starts school. I really really love her fall birthday.

Sleepy morning snaps. I always want to remember them like this. The mornings where I load both of them in their carseats, Jack in his jammies and sister dressed for AKK preschool. I want to remember how they reach across the vehicle to hold hands between the seats. I want to remember how Jack talks the whole way to AKK and Georgia usually daydreams out the window. I want to remember how one of them says our prayer every morning in the vehicle (we take turns, Jack repeats what I say). I want to remember our rural drive on Woodbury road to miss the school traffic and so we can see beautiful countryside. These are the best mornings that I never want to forget!

We celebrated Aunt Shannie's birthday last week. She doesn't even have kids yet (she will very soon though!) but she's been sharing the blowing out the candles activity since 2012 :) We love you Aunt Shanna!

They made a groundhog craft at Aunt Kay's and she couldn't wait to show us!

One of the expressions she used when she was telling us about the groundhog seeing his shadow. She is personality plus y'all.

I posted last week about Jack's first successful show and tell. This was his second show and tell! I'm pretty sure he is pretending to dry his hair with a bubble maker. I can't handle his morning hair.

The world is her stage. She decided to put on a recital for everyone at CFA.


Friday night we went to Pizza Hut with Aunt Shanna and Uncle Jake. Have I told y'all just how much Jack loves pictures? Because he really does.

Saturday some friends and I headed to Newburgh, Indiana for some bridesmaid dress shopping. My friend Juleah is getting married in August and she wanted all our input on which dress we were going to wear. She's pretty special like that :)

*I had never been to Newburgh but it's the cutest little town! It's situated right on the Ohio River and it's so so cute. I want to go back when it's warmer to explore.

We went to House of White and found our dress in ten minutes. It was an unanimous decision, no drama at all!

It took us longer to order our pizza than to pick out our bridesmaid dresses. We like what we like! Love you Jules and can't wait to see you as a beautiful bride!

He might make me cuss on a Sunday but I love him more than he'll ever know.

Georgia woke up from her nap and decided she needed to give her baby a ride on her riding horse. She said there was a seat in the front for her and everything. She's the sweetest little mommy.

We went to a Super Bowl LI party at Auntie's but this boy just went for the food. We were cheering for the Falcons because Kentucky boy Jacob Tamme plays for them but we should've know you can't beat the greatest of all time. It was a crazy game and I thought Lady Gaga's halftime show was entertaining too. No complaints here!