Monday, February 20, 2017

Valentine's and A Nephew

Jack likes to keep us on our toes if you haven't noticed already. He loves to throw things in the toilet and consequently clogged up our upstairs toilet. Granddad had to come over, take the toilet off the wall and this is what we found. A bunch of army men and a tub of vaporub.

Monday night we celebrated Valentine's Day at Grandmomma's with a special meal for MND. Georgia was amazed by the strawberry pie!

After MND, we went to Brennan's ballgame. We haven't made it to very many of his games this year, mainly because it interferes with this boy's bedtime, but his season is coming to an end so we are trying to get to a few more. This was Jack's first experience with ballgame popcorn. He is a fan!

Valentine's Day really slipped up on this mom this year. Georgia wrote her own name on her cards this year so that took some extra time so we were finishing them up on Monday night after the ballgame to have ready to go for Tuesday morning. Shew!

AKK Valentine's Day Party 2017
I seriously blinked and she went from the baby of the group to one of the bigger kids.

She had a ball at her party like always.

Valentine's Day morning lovins. They complete me.

Marcus and I saw each other for about 45 minutes on Valentine's Day between work, taking Georgia to dance and repairing the toilet I mentioned earlier. We did go out last weekend to celebrate so that was Valentine's Day for us. But everyday is Valentine's Day for us :) Love you long time, babe.

Friday was her Valentine's Day party at OWL Academy. I mentioned how this holiday slipped up on us so Gammy came to the rescue with a card box for the event! She obviously loved it and was so excited to go!

Partying with her OWL friends.

Saturday we went to watch Keagen play two basketball games to end his season. He won the first one and had 17 points!

He made it to the championship game and got to play on the high school court. They lost but he played awesome and we are so proud of our favorite youngest Grubb kid.

Sunday was a big day that we had all been waiting for. We finally found out the gender of Aunt Shanna and Uncle Jake's baby.

 It's a boy! Another sweet nephew is on the way! I think everybody thought and secretly was rooting for blue. Georgia said that she wanted to stay the only girl and Jack was happy to have a playmate!

Pregnancy suits my sister-in-law, she looked so beautiful yesterday!

 This is how you feel when you learn you're getting another boy in the family! :)

Morgan Paige and Georgia Grace supporting team boy!

It was a fun week and weekend and now we are back to the normal grind.  

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