Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunny & Snuggles

"I got to skip winter. Shout out to Kentucky" I saw this statement on social medial the other day and it made me laugh out loud so I thought it was worth sharing. What a crazy start to 2017 it has been. We saw 80 degrees on Friday! Everything is blooming and grass is starting to grow. If it really is an early spring, super! If another hard frost comes and kills everything, bummer :( We will see how it goes.

Georgia received a teeth cleaning chart and an hourglass for timing her brushing at OWL Academy last week. I guess it's for two minutes but it seems like an eternity. She will get tired and asked me to finish it for her ha! We are establishing good oral hygiene early.

We spent the afternoon outside on Thursday enjoying the unseasonal temps. 

Banging up knees already. I can't imagine what these will look like in a few months.

The neighbors were grilling and we played in the backyard on February 23rd. It was fine with me :)

Jack had started to feel a little cruddy towards the end of the week and woke up Saturday morning feeling worse so we took him to the pediatrician's office. He just had a right ear infection so I was very thankful! There's lots of sickness going around right now. We were in and out in 45 minutes! He's already feeling better.

We had a play date at our house scheduled for Saturday morning so we moved that to our cousin's house so the girls could still play together. Georgia had looked forward to her play date with Marley so much! "She's like my really good friend, so we have a friendship"- Georgia about Marley :) They are so precious!

Daddy had some music on and sister asked him to dance :) It was the sweetest thing to see from the other room. 

Keagen came over for a haircut and stayed for supper. He had never had asparagus and he loved it! I was so proud I introduced him to a new vegetable that he will eat. My kids like it too. Dietitian's dream come true!

Daddy stayed home with brother but this girl didn't want to miss Sunday School and children's church. I hope she always loves going to church and learning about Jesus.

Sunday afternoon it cooled off again so we just stayed in, watched Finding Dory and snuggled. I say snuggled loosely. Georgia and I snuggled. Jack posed for a picture and then ran that truck in his hand over our heads and scattered cereal all over the couch. That's his definition of snuggling :)

The weekend is over already :( We've got a busy week ahead of us that will keep us on our toes but we will manage I'm sure. 

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