Sunday, March 5, 2017


Life has been busy with lots of activities this week. The weather is starting to feel more spring-like and we are getting out and about more after a slow winter.

This boy has decided he doesn't like wearing diapers anymore and wants to wear "Mickey" (Mickey Mouse underwear). He has gone for long periods of time and stayed dry but still no pee or poop in the potty. We will keep trying since he is interested. I'm sure warmer weather and getting to pee outside will help! 

Wednesday Mom and me headed to Nashville with both kids to have their portraits taken and to do a little shopping. The portraits were just head shots so it didn't matter what they wore on the bottom so Jack boy rocked comfy britches and New Balances :) 

We headed to The Mall at Green Hills after our pictures. We did very little shopping and lots of baby chasing and letting them burn energy :) We ran into our good friend Brandi completely randomly and that made the whole experience worth it!

I think the portrait pictures are going to be great! This was sister right before her shoot. She was as beautiful as always in her mama's eyes :)

Tuesday I took off work a little early to volunteer at the LAA sale and in between volunteering and shopping I was able to get my adorable nephew fix. He had the flu last week but is feeling much better now.

This year's LAA sale was another success. I consigned some of the kid's clothes that I didn't feel like I needed to hang onto for a future baby #3 and found some great pieces for their spring/summer wardrobes.

I found more for Georgia than Jack which is how it usually goes but overall I was very happy with my finds! I look forward to this sale every year.

Friday went to OWL Academy and had a big time with her Friday OWL friends.

They celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday and he even came to visit!
The day before she wasn't feeling great but it wasn't anything concerning so Mom took her on to OWL thinking she was fine. She started feeling bad at OWL and since it was almost the weekend we decided to take her to the doctor to have her seen about. She had strep! I was very shocked since she hadn't complained of a sore throat or ear ache. She's a tough girl and besides a low grade fever and being somewhat lethargic she never had other symptoms. She's back to feeling 100% again and I'm happy they are both feeling better now! 

Saturday night Marcus and I went with Steve, Kathrine and the boys to watch the Bears play in their regional semifinal game and Mikayla kept the kids for us. They must have had a really good time because Jack boy fell asleep in church nursery for the first time since he was an infant! He was pooped but they had a great time and I'm so thankful for Mikayla for keeping them for us!

On Sunday after church we went to visit Uncle Jake's new hunting dogs. They are six week old beagles and so so precious. I took this picture and didn't look at it until later in the day and completely melted when I saw what I captured. It doesn't get any cuter than my babies and puppies.

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