Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Catch Up

Spring has come in like a lion for us. I can't recall ever taking off from blogging this long but I just haven't found the time or energy to make it happen lately!  But hopefully I'm back on track now. Here's a little recap of the last few weeks for us-

Grandmomma always makes a traditional Irish dinner to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and it never disappoints! I probably look forward to this meal as much as any that she prepares. She goes all out with the details as well. It was delicious!

Two leprachauns came and pulled tricks on the preschoolers at AKK.This is their favorite day of the year!!

AKK's little leprachauns 2017

Sister has been writing her name on her own for several weeks but this week she started writing it without looking at her name tag for guidance. I am just so proud of her! She loves to learn and practice her letters and numbers. She can write Jack's name too without any guidance. 

We had some family over Friday night for the Cats game. I love how Keagen just lets his little cousin hang all over him and never says a word. He is so good to his baby cousins!

Cats win! Sweet Sixteen bound!! I have a hilarious video of Jack running around the house chanting "Go Cats! Go Cats! Go Cats!". We left them stay up for the 8:40 game and they were wound tight. They love the Cats as much as we do!

A favorite memory Timehop pulled out of the archives for me. I'll take another Easter Jammie picture this year to see how much we've grown :) Time is moving too fast for this tender-hearted mama.

Another fun thing we dealt with this week was a water leak in our front yard. We've known of the slow leak for a while and we had generous friends, neighbors and just nice community members that drove by and saw a dozer in the front yard that helped us remedy the problem. I love living in a small town!

Georgia's ears starting hurting on Tuesday and Jack boy picked her some flowers to make her feel better. He already knows :)

We ended up at the doctor's office on Wednesday. Double ear infections all around and a ruptured ear drum for Georgia Grace :( Mommy also got a z-pack and Daddy went to the doctor Friday morning for his sinus infection. We didn't want to leave anyone out on this round of sickness. Georgia's ear drum will heal in a few weeks and we have a hearing screening scheduled next month that I'm thankful for in case there is any long-term effects (hoping and praying there isn't!).

Life is getting ready to get crazy with a spring break trip, a second birthday and Easter just around the corner. I have procrastinated some but it's time to get in gear!

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