Monday, October 13, 2014

Harrison Homeplace

As promised I'm posting a few pictures of the house today. We are super proud of it. We've been saving for this for a long time and the waiting has been worth it. It's a wise investment in our eyes!
Here is a mini photo album of the new "Harrison Homeplace". I'll do individual rooms once we get them finished.
Welcome to our home! It was built in 1997 so I would still consider it a semi-new build. It is 3,600 square feet with a two-car attached garage, detached garage and a huge patio out back for entertaining. The lot is 2+ acres on a corner so we have lots of room to have fun.

The view from our front porch. There isn't any development on the lot across from us, just beautiful white fencing. Very Kentucky-esque!
Sidewalk to our back patio, I don't think I have a picture of it yet. I will work on that! The house is beautifully landscaped and we have several shade trees in the yard along with two weeping willows. The willows were enough to sell me.
View looking in from our front door. To the left will be Marcus's study and the right is our formal dining room. Straight ahead goes into our living room with a huge brick fireplace as the centerpiece.
My favorite room in the house. A white kitchen was a must for me and when we saw the house for the first time and I caught a glimpse of it from another room I knew I wanted this house. We plan to do a few updates to bring it up to 2014 but the layout is exactly what I wanted. I have pull-out rolling drawers, vertical slot storage for cookie sheets, cutting boards, etc., can lights and a separate walk-in pantry. I LOVE IT.

Right off the kitchen is a little desk area, my new "command center". This was in our building plans so for it to already be in this house was another sign this house was for us. I hope this area will help keep me organized and eliminate minimize junk from other rooms of the house.

Living room with four sets of french doors-two sets leading to the porch and patio and two sets off of the study and dining room. We love this room but it's proving to be tricky with furniture layout due to the multiple walkways. Our floors right now are covered in painter's tape where furniture could potentially go to get a feel for different layouts. This was a tip from our furniture designer at Sprintz and it will be a big help.

Our little half bath that I adore! The previous owners are now people we call friends. They have been so thoughtful, left the house super clean and left all kinds of nice things for us (ahem-a huge deep freeze!!). She knew I loved this bathroom so she left it just like they had it-the wooden stool for Georgia Grace, the trashcan, the framed print on the wall, etc. We are so thankful for them!

And this room gets the best reaction from everyone who sees it for the first time. This is just extra storage on the 2nd story of the house (bonus room is separate and finished). We joked (not really) that we could almost fit our starter home in this room! This will be so handy and "should" greatly decrease our need to use the attic for storage. However everyone seems to tell me I will fill it quicker than I think... :)
That's a quick tour of the high spots. More pictures to come and more info on the remodeling we are doing!


  1. What a beautiful house! I agree very Kentucky-esque! My favorite part of the drive to my grandfather's house in Kentucky is getting off the interstate and driving through Paris, KY, beautiful horse farms in that area! Those fences remind me of it! Congrats! So many exciting things going on in your life right now! So happy for you!

    1. Thank you Carol! Oh I love that area of the state. All the limestone walls and fencing! We couldn't be happier :)

  2. I am so excited that you found your dream home and that timing worked out perfectly! God is good and has blessed your family with new beginnings ;) can't wait to see more soon. Luvs and hugs, Darcy

  3. Thanks so much friend! We are beside ourselves with excitement! You must come visit if you ever make a trip to the South :)

    1. Where is your new place? My mom's family is in Indiana, Kentucky, Chicago and Tulsa. She was just actually is Louisville last week :) once you get settled email your new details :) big luvs and hugs