Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

We've had another busy week coordinating house projects, party prepping and furniture shopping. This week:
  • The house is getting completely painted. So far we love every room!
  • We finished the gravel in the landscape
  • The carpet in the upstairs bedrooms is being installed today
  • We bought our bedroom furniture!
  • We finally chose our granite slab and it will be installed next week
  • We picked out the hardwood for the upstairs hallway and our master closet. We couldn't get our identical wood until December so we compromised with a style that is very similar.
  • New appliances are being delivered today!
Here is a sneak peek at our front entry. You can see we have put moulding in the entry, Marcus' study (left) and dining room (right). The entry is completely finished with paint so you can get an idea of what the main living areas will look like. More on paint colors soon :)
And here is our new king bed! We had almost bought a bedroom set at another furniture store but we just didn't pull the trigger on it. I had reservations. We went to Sprintz in Nashville to look at sofas and sectionals when I saw this and fell in love. Marcus instantly did too. He wanted panels, I wanted some curvature. Marcus requested once we had a house big enough that we have a king size bed. We have slept in a full size bed for five years now and he's ready for the upgrade! I am too. Can't wait to crawl into it!!

Two very random things that I wanted to note. I decided to start Georgia Grace on a children's vitamin. I grew up taking them and was an overall healthy child so I thought it would be a good addition to her diet. And since I'm still having an issue swallowing my prenatal vitamin some mornings I bought myself some too for those days it's the only option. She LOVES them and we say everytime we give one to her "one a day" so now she says that :)
And just a sweet picture to end the week on. This is how I feel after a long, tiring week! But no rest for the weary. We have a big weekend full of hayrides, a trip to Lexington for the UK game and the big birthday bash!!
See you Monday!

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