Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Break 2014

I'm back from my unannounced hiatus :) It wasn't planned or intentional it was one of those things that happen. Someday I will have a set routine and a permanent place for my computer to live and more downtime but until then please bear with the weekly updates :) [Shoutout to sweet friends for checking on me and missing my posts-love y'all!]

This week was fall break for us, my first school calendar-related benefit to my new job! We talked about vacationing somewhere but if you keep reading through this long post you will discover what kept us home this week...  

The break started with a big SEC victory for our Cats over South Carolina! 
And ended with another win today to give us a record of 5-1 (2-1 SEC). What a turnaround! 
In two weekends we are headed to a Keeneland/UK football double in Lexington and I'm so excited! Hopefully I will feel well, the weather will cooperate and Hail State will have their first loss of the season! :)

Sunday was homecoming at our church. This was the best picture we got but it works. We're thankful for our church family and love the fellowship with visitors on this special day.

Sunday afternoon Georgia Grace received an early birthday gift from Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna and went to see Frozen On Ice in Nashville! (She wore her fur to celebrate the event)

When Shanna told her she was taking her to see Frozen she said, " Okay, let me go get my shoes!" Shanna told her, "No baby, church day." She said, "Okay, church then Frozen!" Ha! Loved these quotes my sister-in-law sent me!
This was a big day trip for her and them without one of us going with them and it went great! She loved the show and the "snow".

Sven on the ice, so neat!

Our fall break week was in full swing by now. Some mornings I would do some things while family kept GGH but I tried to not spend too much time away from her. We napped together, went shopping and played played played. It was a fun week that ended too quickly!

We spent some quality time with our best buddy Ro-Ro. He was such a happy boy and we loved getting to see them! There was a lot of this going on... #somanyboyfriends

She was also our little helper this week and dressed the part :) 

One day she spent the day with Gammy and Gran Stan since it was fall break for them too. She always comes home so rotten when she stays with them. We joke that her legs are broke because she gets packed around so much and doesn't want to walk at home :) We're glad she has so many people to spoil her! 

She also took a trip to Jackson's Orchard with them to pick out a pumpkin and for some apple cider. We are going to take her closer to her birthday but she loves it so I'm glad she will get to go multiple times!

Sweetest baby girl. She rode the big cider slider with Gammy and played in the haybales!

We've got a birthday party coming up in two weeks! The invitations are in (Thanks Alexis for finding these for me-super cute!!) and I finally got them to the post office this weekend. Party details are slowly coming together. It's crazy how behind I am compared to last year's party.

But we've been preoccupied for a few weeks with something BIG. Without further adieu....

We bought a house!!!

You read that right. The word "build" is not in that sentence anywhere. When we found out we were expecting and that there would be no way that the house would be ready before the baby was born we decided to switch gears and check out the housing market. The house we bought wasn't even on the market and just kind of fell into our laps. It was an absolute God send. Again He went before us and has provided exactly what we need at this stage of our lives.

Pictures coming tomorrow! :) I won't keep you waiting long!

We are so excited and knee deep in house projects. The house was in great condition and we are just doing a few updates to make it ours. There will be before and after pictures, I promise.

That's all for tonight. We've had a long day in Nashville exchanging our sectional for other furniture (because it doesn't work in our new living room-bummer) and picking out the perfect slab for our new countertops. Exhausting but exciting all rolled into one.

More to come!


  1. Congratulations on the house!! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Oh how I love seeing Georgia Grace and all her cuteness!! Congrats on the new house!