Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Catch Up

Every October seems to be jam packed busy for us. The next two weeks are full to the brim and the next two Saturdays we will be out of town so we had a working Saturday. A working Friday and Saturday, and Sunday was all about choosing paint colors. We are eager to enjoy the fruits of our labor someday very soon! 

We do have an extra pair of hands helping us around the house. Her specialty has been riding in wheel barrows, strolling appliance manuals all over the kitchen floor and writing on the door and wall with a pen and highlighter. :/ It's a good thing we are getting new paint this week!

Moulding started going up this weekend. We will have it in the entry, dining room and study. I'm so thankful for family and friends who can do this for us. They are saving us a fortune and doing an excellent job!

Gravel for the landscaping was delivered Saturday. And it appears 10 1/2 ton will only get us about half of what we need. Unbelievable! Our landscaping is huge. I'm glad we are spending more money now to save in the future. And low maintenance is the name of the game!
I have to brag on my Papaw for just a second. What other 76 year old do you know that cuts down trees and splits wood all in a days work? He did this on Saturday. He is ironman! He splits and sells wood and raises cattle now that he is retired. I bet he could work circles around most 30 year old men! I'm proud of him.

In the midst of remodeling the house I found a free minute to take my first official belly bump picture. I was 15 weeks on Wednesday so I'm almost 16 now. Also, it's very appropriate I am wearing yoga pants and a maternity tshirt in my first bump pic since that's what you can find me in the second I get home each day. Notice my dirty shins from sitting on the floor measuring for moulding. It will all be worth to have a new, bigger home to bring this sweet baby home to.

I mentioned we were working on paint colors this weekend. We had a hard time making choices and I would still say a few rooms are subject to change but we had help from our good friend Sarah on our common living area paint color. This is her beautiful home-doesn't it look straight out of Pottery Barn? She has shared all her paint colors with me and we are going to use this color as our main color. It is "Bamboo" by Porter Paints. I'll do a full post devoted to paint soon.

This week we went to a cross-country meet to support some of Marcus's students and my old runners. It was a perfect afternoon for it, a little cool but sunny. She loved watching the runners and says she wants to be a runner someday. Mommy sure hopes so!

Our cousin Keagen celebrated his 10th birthday this weekend with a basketball party at the gym. GGH was the only girl at the party under the age of 16 :) She was in her comfort zone though surrounded by boys and attention.

I put her in a MJ dress and she just looked so big in it. Back to the smocking and onesie pajamas, I'm not ready! :(
Here's a few bonus pictures from the past few weeks that haven't made there way on to the blog yet-
Sweet girl napping at AKK on her Olaf pillow. Naptime has been a hard transition for her. She doesn't particularly like napping and doesn't require as much sleep as some children so that is a rough combo sometimes. But on another note I could sit and watch her sleep forever. I think she has the best profile!
Love that smile! I asked them why it was so big with squinty eyes and they said she was tickled :) A happy baby equals a happy mommy.

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