Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Georgia Grace's 2nd Birthday Party

This year for Georgia Grace's birthday party we went more simple and low key. It proved to be just as fun and helped keep this super busy mom's sanity. I wanted it to be a fun day for her above all!
We had PERFECT weather. It was in the 70's at party time. October birthdays are tricky but so far she has had two great outdoor parties.
We did a pumpkin patch theme last year so this year it was more of a fall festival. We had a bouncy house, apple bobbing and a duck pond that actually turned out to just be water tables for the littles ha! There was something for every age.
Pink and orange were the main colors with a few accents that I used that were on the invitations. I pretty much just used the invitation (which I thought were so adorable! They were an etsy find) as inspiration for the decorations. I was happy with the final product (Thanks to my mom, mamaws and friend Sophie for help with some of the crafty things!)
The party was from 3-5 so we just did finger foods, drinks and cake. My mamaw made her wonderful pimento cheese and we had a fruit and veggie tray because my dietitian side had to come out :) (I wanted to serve milk in one of the drink dispensers and Marcus informed me I was wasting my time ha!)
I just used a few baskets we had in storage to hold our paper and plastic products.
My mother-in-law made adorable fruit and veggie platters with pumpkins as the dip holder! I love what it added to the table.
Apple juice, lemonade and water for the babes; coffee option for the adults.
My favorite part was the birthday cake. My boss's wife Gina made it for us and it couldn't have been more perfect. I wanted to continue with the simple theme with a special touch and she did just that!

And it tasted as good as it looked. Love love love!

For party favors my friend Alex Trabue made some super cute iced cookies. She also used the invitation as inspiration and coordinated them perfectly!

They were a big hit and made party favors super easy for me.

We had a duck pond (turned splash pool/water table ha!)..

And apple bobbing. The bigger kids enjoyed this more.

And what's a party without the birthday girl?!? She was all smiles. She loves a good party, especially if it's her own :)
The birthday beauty checking out her party guests arriving. I found a cute personalized pumpkin dress on Etsy for her to wear and she wore her cowboy boots and a bow of course. She was ready to party!

The bouncy house was the main attraction and even took a tumble when things got rowdy. Sweet Kypton was headed for safety ha! (Everyone was fine, it just leaned to one side and then the other until we could get the air back connected)

We had all the food and some tables and chairs sat up in our detached garage which by the way I am going to love having for entertaining! We just have to keep it clean and not fill it with junk :) As I mentioned the weather was awesome so some people stayed outside. We had haybales to sit on and some just brought their lawn chairs.
Birthday girl was doing flips before the end of the party! She loved it and her white-turned-black socks were proof.
Even the "big kids" got to jump-she played ring around the rosie with Aunt Paigey, Uncle Eric and Sophie once everybody had left.

Georgia Grace opened her gifts like a boss. She wanted to remove every little piece of paper from the package. And then she personally thanked the gift giver by name. I know I'm biased but it was the most precious thing! I was a proud mommy.

Piece by piece.....:)

She made it through every gift before running away!
Her friend Aiden gave her money in a balloon and he showed us how to open it with a fork ha! It was a crowd pleaser.

Everybody knows how much she loves Frozen so she got a lot of pieces to add  to her collection.

Frozen frenzy!

She opened a cherry chair from the Givens's that Chris had made her with wood that was left in our garage by the previous owners. Such a thoughtful gift! And he's been working for us at our house every night so I don't know how he found the time, he amazes me!
And then it was time to blow out the candles! Seeing "2" on top of the cake just doesn't seem possible. The fastest, sweetest, most fun two years of our lives no doubt.
Time to eat cake!
Then it was time for her gift from Mommy and Daddy...
a powered riding toy!
It's a Mercedes SUV I found on We knew we wanted a two seater so she could haul brother/sister around and this was our favorite one we found.

Once she learned how to push the gas she took off and made lap after lap! Initially she just pressed the gas, laid back and waved at everyone :) The steering wheel was just an optional thing.

But then she decided it would be a good idea to steer too. And flash adorable grins at everyone.
My favorite picture from the day. This captures her personality perfectly.

 I didn't think it through when I put her in a dress for her party that involved a bouncy house ha! Oh well she's far from modest and didn't let a little panty flashing slow her down.
It was such a fun day. I was able to enjoy the party more this year and watch her interact with her friends and have fun. It was a sweet celebration for our sweet baby girl!

Thanks again to all our family and friends who came and made the day extra special. It means more than you'll ever know!


  1. What a cute party! Love GEorgia Grace's new ride!!!

  2. So adorable! I love all the decorations! She is going to make one great big sister!

  3. Really friend you have planned this birthday party so simple and beautifully. Pink color really look graceful. The cake is looking simply perfect and lovely. I am sure it really tasted good. I don’t think you have took any help from a party planner. Am I right?