Friday, August 30, 2013

Georgia Is Ten Months Old!

Georgia-you are TEN months old! Double digit months! You are quickly becoming our big girl.

Here's what your life as a ten month old looks like:
  • You weigh 18 pounds and I would say around 28 inches long. You are wearing 6-9 month clothing, a size 3 diaper, and size 1 shoes. I've bought you real shoes with a sole (shown in pictures) for fall and you look so big in them. 
  • You have two bottom teeth and two top teeth! The top two are just coming in so they are harder to see but the bottom two are very visible and you like showing them off :)
  • We started you on a new feeding schedule last month that seems to be working well. Solid foods have gotten MUCH better and you can use a sippy cup pretty good now. But you still enjoy your breastmilk bottles (I have weaned myself so you are getting all frozen breastmilk now), especially when you're sleepy. And this momma has no plans to take that away anytime soon!
  • Your favorite foods are carrots, pancakes, apple juice, scrambled eggs, whole grain puffs, and water. You don't care for bananas and oatmeal. We have nixed baby food completely and switched to lightly-seasoned table food per pediatrician orders. You are very happy about this!
  • Your sleeping schedule continues to be 9pm-7am most mornings with a long morning nap and a shorter afternoon nap (usually one hour). On Thursdays when I am home with you we sometimes take your morning nap together. I hope you never get too big to let me nap with you and hold you while you sleep.
  • You have found the kitchen cabinets and you LOVE to explore inside of them. You like to trace the design on our big area rug in the living room with your pointer finger (so funny!). You like to push the buttons on the carbon monoxide detector and set it off about once a week which scares your doggy brother to death!
  • Your significant daily events:
August 1st: first time trying avocado-LOVE
August 8th: pushed your walker for the first time unassisted
August 9th: ate dog food....................
Augus 10th: first bouncy house experience and first nibble of cupcake
August 11th: two top teeth!!! And first time trying pancakes-LOVE
August 12th: stood for 30 seconds unassisted!
August 18th: first kiss-Ace Russell Hankins<3<3<3
August 19th: first haircut
August 23rd: first football game
August 29th: first nibble of meat (roast)-you forgot to chew and just swallowed it ha!

  • You have started "biting" us which is actually more like nibbling and you get the biggest kick out of it! You will just squeal and squeal. You seem to enjoy inflicting pain...
  • You LOVE blankets. Love. Our new bedtime routine is I snuggle you up in a blanket and you take your night bottle while I rock you to sleep. It is amazing the effect a blanket has on you. If you are upset we go grab a blanket. Blankets to the rescue! Now I'm waiting for the day you determine your favorite and you become inseparable with it.
  • As far as your mobility you are a super fast crawler and are showing all the signs that you will walk before you are one year old. You have excellent balance. You never fall, if you are standing and want to sit down you gracefully just bend your knees and have a seat. This gives us a lot of comfort for when you do take off.
  • We are starting to tell you "No" and you are learning that no means you shouldn't do it. You don't always like hearing it but so far that has been enough to correct your behavior. 
And this is reality y'all! Non-blurry pictures don't come easy these days. Or forward facing pictures for that matter. You can tell the chalkboard has been through it!

Happy ten months, Georgia Grace Harrison! You make our lives so full and fun.


  1. She is so cute and gettting so big! It is crazy how fast time flies by :) Her shoes are so adorable! Are they WeeSqueaks? I love those shoes! Emmy has a pair too and I cannot wait for her to be walking on her own soon.

    1. Thank you!
      Amen sister. I'm ready for it to slow down anyday now. Yes! I ran into a wholesale deal so I bought five pair really cheap! Maybe my favorite day ever LOL! I love them so much. It won't be long momma!