Monday, August 12, 2013

Healthy & Happy

After a sicky week we were so glad to see the weekend. I'm happy to report everyone is feeling much better! I'm thankful for a slow-paced weekend of rest. I didn't cook one meal (besides Friday night-thanks family!) and spent lots of time playing with my baby doll. It was lovely!
Saturday we went to our buddy Thomas' 4th birthday party. Isn't Thomas the cutest thing ever opening his gifts shirtless HA! He is all boy. Georgia Grace experienced her first bouncy house and first cupcake! Of course she loved both of those things. She had several little mommys (and little daddys) there that helped me take care of her. Even though she is just nine months old I'm thankful for the friendships that are already forming. I pray for her future friends daily and I know we are richly blessed with a wonderful group of children for her to grow up with.
I tried to get a picture of Georgia Grace's teethies this weekend but wasn't successful. I will settle for this cheesy goodness though! I was trying to get a picture of her bottom teeth because her two upper front teeth have broke the skin! Bless her heart no wonder she felt so crummy the past few weeks being sick AND teething. She seems to feel perfectly fine now though. She was back to her "Georgia the Explorer" self this weekend.

We were at grams visiting this weekend and she left her trail-baby, baby's bottle, flower (from outfit), and then her bow. I guess they were holding her back and she needed her freedom ha!

Georgia Grace has recently not been a fan of anything that has to be spoon fed to her. She much prefers things that I can feed her with my fingers or that she can feed herself. So after several failed attempts at oatmeal I decided Sunday morning I was going to try some pancakes. While I was feeding them to her she reached over and grabbed my hand to hold it. That answered the question for me if she liked them or not :) My heart melted. These are the mommy moments I live for.

My big girl after church on Sunday. That smile gets bigger everyday! She was such a happy girl this weekend. Her little personality is just precious. She lets everybody hold her and loves to "talk" to people that show her attention. She loves to play with the Colton and her cousins that sit on the pew behind us. We kept her in church this Sunday because my sister was home and she wanted to see her. She only squealed out a few times. I was so proud of her!

I promise I put shoes on her but she throws them so quickly we finally give up and leave them off. This girl loves to be bare foot!

Sunday after church we watched an old episode of Kentucky Afield where they had interviewed my great-great grandfather for being 97 years old and killing a deer with one shot. He was still alive when I was born so I was a 5th generation baby. He passed when I was little but I feel like I know him from all the pictures and stories about him. I loved watching this video again.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today will be the first Monday of the school year. I'm sure we will be racing to see who can get in our pj's first tonight!