Friday, August 9, 2013

Five On Friday

Hello, Friday! TGIF! Here's my five pieces of random from this crazy week:

I had one of those Aha! moments this week and I thought I would share. We bought a new camcorder shortly after the birth of Georgia Grace. We had a Flip video camera that we had used for years and that we loved but it just suddenly stopped working on us. So we broke down and bought a nicer one. We have used it some but definitely not as much as we would like. It's just not in our routine to record videos so we just forget to do it. We have captured the big things-first Christmas, first Easter egg hunt, bathtime. But the day in day out stuff that we will really be interested to see (and laugh about how hideous we dressed and how fake we sound on camera) is missing.

So I came up with a concept that I'm calling "Film Fridays". All Film Friday consists of is recording a short video clip every Friday of whatever we want. Some Fridays might be very eventful, such as a vacation or birthday celebration, while other Fridays we will capture cooking dinner, playing in the yard, or even just Georgia Grace asleep in the crib if we forget to record until 11:59 that night ha!

Today is our first edition of Film Friday and I am excited about it. I am a habitual person by nature and if things aren't made part of my weekly routine they often do not get done. My goal with this project is to make it easy and simple to capture snapshots of our lives that we can look back on. I think it will be so neat to have a little piece of every Friday of our lives when we are old and gray. I'll try to share some still frames from our videos along the way.


With a new school year back in swing I had to share this story about the teacher that wore the same outfit in his yearbook photos for 40 years (shoutout to my cousin Jan for posting it on twitter). Hysterical! I told Marcus he is only 3 years behind so he could jump on board and carry the torch for this man (who retired this year) but he wasn't interested. Hmph ;(

While I was cooking dinner Tuesday these two had dinner plans of their own. I grabbed her before she got to the food but she did successfully get a hand in the water bowl. She also tried to get in Peanut's (my mom's cat) cat food this week. Never a dull moment folks, never!

Today marks the very last day that I will be using the contraption pictured above. After nine months of daily sessions my pumping days are over!!! I had meant to stop sooner than now but it was never convenient to stop and I liked being able to give her fresh milk every morning. Unless one of the deep freezes goes out we should have PLENTY of breastmilk to get her to her first birthday (and beyond)! I am so grateful for the gift of breastfeeding that I have been able to provide for our my daughter for 12+ months. This has been a blessing for our whole family! You can read more about my breastfeeding adventure here. So buh-bye breast pump, Daisy Mae is retired! :)

After a trip back to the doctor on Wednesday Georgia Grace was diagnosed with a double ear infection. She was resistant to the first antibiotic so she will be on another antibiotic for ten days. She received a rocephin shot in the office and by yesterday she had no fever and her drainage was gone! I want nothing more than my baby to be healthy again and we are almost there! But when it rains it pours, right?  Marcus came home from school yesterday feeling miserable. His allergies are intense and they were the worst ever. He got home at 4pm and never left the bed until this morning. What wonderful timing!! But there is never a good time to be sick.

Happy weekend, y'all! I'll be at home taking care of the sick but there's no other place I would rather be.


  1. What a fun post about the teacher! I wish I had thought of something like that. I'll have to share it with some of the teachers I used to work with, and see if I can convince any of them to jump on the bandwagon!

  2. Isn't it fabulous?!? I'm trying to talk my first year teacher friends into it also!