Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Goodbye Summer, Hello School Year

Today Marcus started his fourth year of teaching. He will be teaching third grade again this year at Morgantown Elementary. They had Open House Tuesday night and he came home excited about the awesome turnout he had and the wonderful parents that filled his classroom. I know this is going to be another great year for him!

 First day picture comparisons. He really hasn't changed that much. He was hired at the ripe old age of 20 and started teaching at 21. Just a wee lad! As you can tell he loves to dress professional which I really admire.

I'm praying for a year full of opportunities and achievements for Marcus and his students. I'm praying he can be a positive male role model for his students and that he can build strong, thriving relationships with his peers and administration. 

Georgia Grace and I watched the school traffic out our window this morning. Our little street becomes grand central station once the school year begins. My heart was warmed seeing the children's excited faces on the buses and watching moms and dads in and out of the building dropping their babies off for the first time. I was completely content just watching this morning and not participating. I know this will be us all too soon.

Even though it typically stays warm here during the whole month of August and on into September for me the much celebrated first day of school sort of marks the end of summer. Our lives revolve around a school calendar instead of a traditional January to December calendar. Even though we will still enjoy summertime activities as long as the weather allows it it doesn't carry the same excitement as it did in June.

A new school year definitely puts me in fall mode. I start daydreaming about hayrides, trips to the orchard, pumpkins, scary movies, football games, a halloween costume for my little ggh, crewneck sweatshirts, a special first birthday and so much more. Fall is my favorite time of year no doubt. Summer is a close second but fall has my heart.

So goodbye summer and hello fall. It's so nice to see you again! Such an exciting time of year for our little family.



    Did you see Georgia's birth announcement in the Spirit magazine? Click the link above!!!

    1. Yes they sent us a copy! But for some reason they didn't include the picture that I sent in-grrr. I'm hoping they will reprint it in the next edition. Thanks for sharing the digital link! :-)