Monday, August 19, 2013

Nashville and Birthdays

It's only been three days since I blogged but it feels like forever. I have so much to get caught up on! We have kept busy and had a lot of fun. I had a three day weekend (following a half day trip to the spa on Thursday from the best boss in the world!!!) and we filled it to the max.

Friday night we went with the Ross' to Nashville to eat and to do a little shopping. We ate at one of our all-time favorite restaurants Cock of the Walk. They are known for their catfish and housing the largest rocking chair in the world. Their fried dill pickles are little pieces of heaven no lie. And they will flip your cornbread for you before they serve it which is always a crowd pleaser. So. Good!

I have a lot of childhood memories at this place. My grandparents loved to eat here and then we would spend the weekend in Nashville going to Opryland, shopping, and sightseeing. I'm so glad I can take my daughter now.
Love these two very much!

The girls shopped in Opry Mills while the boys hit up Bass Pro. She typically loves strolling but I caught her mid meltdown. I can't even remember the reason for the frustration so it must have been something minor. It was too cute not to share! :)
She loves her Aunt Rachel! She is so comfortable with her, gives mommy a break every once in a while.
Saturday afternoon we went to Embry's first Birthday Bash! I cannot believe all of our baby friends are turning one which means we are getting closer and closer to that milestone. Slow. Down. Time.
The birthday girl diving into her smash cake! She was so fun to watch!

Embry Caroline and Georgia Grace
We tried so hard to get a picture of both of them looking at us but this was the best we got. I love how Georgia is trying to feed her toy candy ha! I'm so glad we could celebrate the special day with this sweet girl!

How big does my baby look in this outfit?!? Oh my goodness. She's big enough to fit into Matilda Jane clothing now so I picked up this little top for her last week (at a consignment store-seriously!!). And I'm in love with it! We will definitely be wearing this in the fall with a little cardigan or blouse underneath.
Sunday we went to Ace's 2nd birthday party. It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone and seeing how all the babies had grown. Abby did a fantastic job (as always) decorating for his Thomas the Train birthday.

Let's just talk about this picture for a second. Georgia Grace and Ace decided it would be a good idea to kiss at his party. I should add that this wasn't provoked or even talked about, they both just did it! And my daughter would be guilty of making the first move HA! Her teenage years are going to be fun I can feel it......

And I finally snagged a good picture of my big girl's bottom teeth (and her freshly painted piggys-thanks cousin Payt!). They are shining big time now. Her top two teeth have barely broke the skin but somehow she has already learned to grind her teeth?!? It is a crazy sound coming from a little baby. Only my child. (I am a chronic teeth grinder)

It was a wonderful three day weekend that I hated to see come to an end. We are enjoying some perfect weather right now that I hope sticks around for a while. Here's to the last few weeks of sweet summertime!  

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