Monday, August 26, 2013

1st Football Game And A Sleepover

Friday night we took Georgia Grace to her first football game. Our high school team's first game of the season was at home so we thought this would be a great opportunity. My friend Paige snapped this picture of us when we got there and I have been in stitches! Look at that #1 sign HA! And not to mention the attitude on that face. If you remember we are not strangers to displaying our pointer finger.

But she had it right because the Bears won 47-0!! It was a good ol' tail stomping. Georgia Grace wasn't crazy about the game at first. I think all the noises (PA system, cow bell, sirens) spooked her but after the first quarter she was fine. She loved the band performance and being passed around throughout the stands to our friends. And you can probably tell from the picture it was a hot night! No need for jackets and blankets just yet.

After the ballgame we had a mini slumber party with our cousin Keagen. Keagen went hunting with Marcus and the other men in the family Saturday morning so he stayed the night with us.

We loved having him over, especially this girl. She was wild! At eleven o'clock she was still going strong and Keagen was starting to fade ha! I would put her down in the floor and she would immediately crawl over to him.
"Ahh, this is the life"-Keagen Grubb after kicking back on our couch
He had big plans to stay up all night (with Owen) but changed his mind about an hour after we got home ha! Smart boy. He needed his rest for the big morning hunt. They killed 11 squirrels and had a great time. We look forward to many more slumber parties with this guy in the future.
Georgia Grace enjoyed a fresh peach Saturday morning out in the yard. I've learned that anytime you can eat sticky foods outside and naked-do it. Clean up was a breeze! And she loved being outdoors. And naked :)

Saturday night we had a small cookout at our house and my sister Paige took this of her after she finished her Greek yogurt. I can't get enough of that grin. She's perfect y'all.

Hope your weekend was great! Looks like the dog days of summer are back for us this week-ugh. But hopefully (fingers crossed!!) my mom's pool will be open this weekend. I wouldn't mind a few more warm weekends of swimming before we say goodbye to summer.