Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bible Study Rebel and #1

I look forward to Tuesday nights because that is the night we have Bible Study. We just finished up the Gospel Project series which has been wonderful. We are debating on what book to study next and we are praying that our group will expand. If you are local and interested in joining us contact me! We would love to have you!

Marcus led Bible Study tonight and Georgia Grace decided she was going to try to steal the attention. Daddy finally kicked us out! Yup, we were ostracized to the nursery for the rest of the night ha! I can confidently say our girl is back 110%! :)

Also, someone forgot to fill me in on the fact that babies do not adjust to the daylight savings time. Or at least mine didn't. I'm not complaining though, I enjoyed the extra hour or rocking and cuddling last night :)

So some of my family and friends have started noticing something Georgia does and now that I have looked back there is definitely a trend. She thinks she is #1!! Look at all these pictures where she is throwing up the #1 sign! I think there are more but these are the ones I could come up with for the collage. Crack. Me. Up. Nothing like a good positive attitude! :) Although I may have to teach her a lesson on humility someday ha!

I have spring fever bad. I am ready to shed the coats and pull out my summer wardrobe. We have had such a mild winter and I am thankful for that. March is kind of a strange month--Is it still winter? The beginning of spring? Nobody really knows. My dad has always told me to enjoy the "season" and to not always look to the future so that's what I'll try to do. It will get here soon enough!

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