Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Georgia Mouse"

Yay for March!

Longer days (we "spring forward" this coming weekend!), warmer temps, SEC tournament and Easter are just a few things I'm most excited about.

Thursday night I went to a Lil Angels Attic sale in Bowling Green and found a lot of goodies for my girl! LAA is a wonderful ministry that allows you to shop consignment items and your contributions go to various charities in our area. I am so glad that I could participate and support such a worthy cause.

 This was my first LAA experience and there is definitely a learning curve. For one, everyone else had their mom or a companion with them to help-oops! And there was a line to get in for when the doors opened at 6pm. I showed up about 5:40 and got the very last color armband so I was the last group to go. Regardless I found some great deals and I will know what to do next time!

Friday night we went to Moonlite for dinner. I have only been to eat there a handful of times since we went when I was 10 years old and the sewer was backed up. I have just had a hard time stomaching mutton after the horrendous odor we endured that day. I think I have finally overcome it though, I didn't gag once ;).

And this just happens to be the cutest little Minnie Mouse in all the land! Our dear friends Rhonda and Ashley were at Disney World last week for the Princess Half-Marathon and they brought Georgia back some souveneirs! I cannot wait to take her for the first time. I am a crazy woman for Disney!!! 

Thanks Ash and Rhonda for the goodies! We love you!

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