Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AKK Official

Today was a big day for Georgia Grace. She met the AKK preschool group! Normally Gram keeps Georgia in her nursery through the day and the other kids are in the basement so this was a big deal!

The kids have been sooooo eager to meet GGH and they ask about her daily. They are such sweethearts and love her so much. They have a daily prayer and a lot of them will pray for her. When they play house, one of them will be Georgia, me, Marcus, Shanna, etc. Cracks me up!

Here is Georgia and Grandma Harrison with Eli, Ann Marie, Ellis, Emma, Mia, Cardyn, Aiden, Erica, Konner, Kypton, Chandler, and Raeleigh! This picture radiates excitement :) Shannon said that they introduced each one to her and she would just look at them and smile. I am so glad their first interaction went so well!

Aunt Alice made her this AKK logo onesie for Christmas. I couldn't wait for her to wear it!

She will start visiting them on a daily basis on the days she is staying with Gram and then when she turns 2 she can officially join them (I am in no hurry for that one)! I am so thankful that she will get to be around these kiddos and watch and learn from them.

Tomorrow is our 4 month well baby check-up. I'm praying for a clean bill of health and minimal tears...we will see!


  1. Precious! GGH has that finger pointing down pat lately in her pictures :)

    1. So funny Pam-we were just talking about how she's been telling everyone she's #1 lately ha! So funny, I'm just glad it's her pointer finger she's using ;)