Thursday, March 28, 2013

Toys For My Tot

We have reached the stage where Georgia is not content with just sitting or swinging or rolling. This girl wants some action! I am so happy she is curious and wanting to see and do things but gosh I wasn't ready. Where did my tiny baby go? :(

So I have been on a mission to find some age appropriate toys for her. She loves books so we have those that we read every night. We have an activity mat that she enjoys but she is such a busy body she usually rolls out of it in about 5 minutes ha!

She loves her baby dolls and other plush toys but they only hold her attention for so long. Same goes for her rattles-she's like, "BORING".

My mom bought her this basketball goal at a yard sale last summer and she had planned on her using it at her house but she has enjoyed it so much we brought it home with us. Besides Owen, this is her favorite toy. :)

I found these toys today along with a jumperoo that we are going to try. It's such a trial and error thing. And most toys are 6 months+ or 12 months+. Hopefully these will do the trick! I am on the lookout for an exersaucer. I think that's our next big adventure. I'm hoping the weather will warm up very soon and we can start strolling and playing outside. 

We have a BIG weekend ahead of us: GGH will be 5 months old, Owen turns 4, and Easter! I am looking forward to all of the festivities!

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