Friday, November 30, 2012

Georgia is ONE month old!

Georgia is one month old today!

Georgia probably weighs somewhere between 9-10 pounds now based on our home scale. We have our next doctors appointment at the end of next month so we will know for sure at our two month mark. She eats every 2 1/2-3 hours during the day and 5-6 hours at night (yay!). She is a happy baby unless she's hungry or taking a bath. She has been laughing out loud in her sleep (so funny!) and likes to smile when her tummy is full. Everyone tells me how good of a baby she is.
We have outgrown our newborn clothes and have moved on to 3 months. She's wearing a size 1 diaper. Her hair and eyelashes seem to get longer by the day! And she has a dimple just like her mommy!
Here she is on day one and then at one month old.I am just like every other mom-the time is just flying by!  I'm trying to find a way to slow down time and I'll share the secret if I ever figure it out. I am sad as we pack her newborn clothes up but she is growing and she is healthy so I am more happy than sad.

Happy 1 month baby girl! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

This weekend we got the house all spruced up for Christmas! It's amazing how many Christmas decorations we have accumulated already and this is only our 3rd Christmas as a married couple. I try to hit the after Christmas sales so I've landed some good bargains!

Our beautiful tree! I am not a bit biased but I think it looks like one you would see in Cracker Barrel. We used a lot of ornaments that we inherited from our families. It's neat to watch our ornament collection grow each year. We are using Marcus' sock monkey that his great-grandmother Flener made him as our tree topper. I think it is perfect.

Georgia Grace and daddy hanging her very first ornament. I love the way she's looking at him. She will probably be a daddy's girl just like he says ha!

Her first ornament from grandma and grandpa Harrison.

Another ornament from mommy and daddy.

And one from poppa and meme.

When I think back to last year, we had no idea we would become parents before the next Christmas rolled around. I couldn't be more thankful to have a family to spend the holidays with now! It will be so much fun having a baby and starting holiday traditions with our growing family. I look forward to sitting out cookies for Santa, driving around to look at Christmas lights, looking through the JcPenney Wish List catalog and all the other fun stuff! There is something so special about Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Thanksgiving Tradition and Birthdays

I forgot to mention earlier that we started our Thanksgiving morning watching the Macy's Parade. I'm not a big parade person but it just feels right to watch a parade on Thanksgiving! We are starting the tradition with Georgia early. She kicked back in her papoose chair and enjoyed the show!
Along with the holiday, we also celebrated some birthdays this week. Grandpa Harrison turned 51 on the 21st!
And Gammy turned 48 on Black Friday! It was appropriate because the women in our family love Black Friday shopping. I stayed home with Georgia this year, it was probably the first one I've missed in 15 years. They sent me updates on their finds while I was up for our night feeding :)
And my papaw Denzel would have been 82 on Saturday. We are missing him a lot lately. I am so thankful we have Georgia to spend the holidays with this year. I can see him in her.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I love Thanksgiving! It's a holiday all about family, food, and football! The simplicity of the holiday is also appealing to me. Sometimes just being with the ones that you love is all you need.

Our little turkey! Here she is in her first smocked dress. It's a little big because 3 month was as small as it came and we are only 3 weeks old but we made it work. I think she looks just darling!

We can't get over how she constantly has her hands up around her face. No matter what she is doing-eating, sleeping, burping-her hands are up ready to help out! :)

What's Thanksgiving without some football in the yard? Marcus and Cody enjoyed throwing the pigskin after our meal.

This onesie was a gift from our dear neighbor Mr. Cook.

 We are very blessed this year to have three new babies on the Embry side of the family. Cousin Maddux Chase Goff was born on October 8th and cousin Will Lincoln Embry shares a birthday with Georgia Grace on October 30th. It was so much fun having them all under one roof! You have never seen the like of baby passing.

Is this picture not the sweetest? They are holding hands and GGH appears to be telling him a head full! Maddux's daddy Chase and I are 4 months apart and have a lot of childhood memories together. We are blessed to both have babies at the same time that can grow up together like we did!

Baby girl with our beautiful cousin Payton. Georgia looks stressed to the max ha!

We had our Thanksgiving dinner with Marcus' side of the family on Saturday. She was exhausted from all the festivities!

Georgia met her great-uncle Craig for the first time! He lives in Louisville so it was nice that he was able to come in for the holiday and meet her!

Happy Thanksgiving from our little turkey to yours!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Georgia's Nursery Tour

I thought I would share a few pictures of Georgia's nursery with you all! Several people asked me what type of theme or colors I was going to do for the nursery and that was a hard question to answer because I really didn't have a theme or particular color palette. We wanted the nursery to feel timeless and classic yet very girly. We were blessed to have several family heirlooms that we were able to incorporate in the nursery.

As far as the bones of the room, we kept the neutral taupe wall color that we already had and added the white wainscotting and crown molding. We have hardwood throughout our house so we kept that and just added a neutral area rug. The room is not huge but it's big enough for everything she needs. I just love how everything came together and I think we achieved the look we were going for!

My best friend "Aunt" Rachel made this wreath to go on her door. I love walking down the hall and seeing the wreath. She did such a great job on it!

There is such a long story behind this crib. To keep it short, we fell in love with this crib and before we got around to ordering it the crib was discontinued! We called everywhere and no one had this exact style. Finally Amazon just happened to randomly get 4 in stock when I was browsing one day and we orderd it immediately! It was the perfect crib for what we were wanting. There is a rose detail on the headboard and rail. What I love about this crib is that it is a convertible so she can use this same bed for as long as she wants! I hope she loves it as much as we do.

Also something to note I debated on a white or wood crib FOREVER. And finally decided on the wood since we were doing the wainscoting detail on the walls.

Oh, and I'm in love with the monogram over the bed. Swoon.

Her bedding is the Land Of Nod Doll Dress pattern. Again, this bedding had been discontinued but we were lucky and found it! The stars were definitely aligned for us when we were outfitting her nursery.

Her changing table is a very special piece. Her great-grandfather Larry Flener refinished this dresser and we are using it for her changing table. He added the medallion detail and glass knobs that I LOVE. I also love all the storage the drawers provide. This dresser was Georgia's great-great-great grandmother Ethel Gaskey's. Something else that is interesting is Ethel actually delivered Georgia's great-grandmother Kay Gaskey Flener! Such a neat story.

The lace curtains on both windows were made by my mamaw Embry. They are so girly and fun!

This armoire was given to us by Marcus' grandparents. It once set in their dining room holding plates and other sort of decor but when we found out we were expecting and we were wanting some type of open-face closet for the baby, they gladly offered us this piece. It was the perfect addition to the nursery! I love having her dressy clothes, socks, shoes, and bows so handy. We received so many handmade quilts and afghans so I love being able to display them in the armoire also.

 The poor child obviously is deprived in the clothing department!  

I had my heart set on a Pottery Barn glider but could not allow myself to pay the $1000+ price tag so we settled for a comparable one. We have been very satisfied with it so far. The quilt draped on the back was made by Georgia's great-great-grandmother Luda Porter and the monogrammed Pottery Barn pillow was a gift. The floor lamp gives off just enough light when we are up at night and don't want it to be too bright.

The side table by the glider. One of my favorite books of all time is "Little Mommy" so I had to display it in my daughter's nursery. My mom bought me the book when we found out we were expecting. I look forward to reading it to her while I rock her to sleep.

What's a nursery without a chandelier! :) This actually came from my aunt's house. When they built their new house, the folks that bought their house installed all new lighting so she held on to this one for me!

Our shag area rug. I can see us spending lots of time playing on this!

This basket of her plush toys looks so cute where it is at but it will probably be making a move soon. Owen seems to think these are sitting out for him and he goes and picks a new one out about every other day ha! We have already sacrificed several to Owen's stash.

 We are very happy with the finished product and we love spending time in her nursery. It is so calm and relaxing not to mention so shabby chic for our baby girl!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Georgia's Baby Dedication

Sunday we took Georgia Grace to church for the first time for her baby dedication. How fitting that it was also Thanksgiving Sunday! There's no question what I am most thankful for this year.

I took some pictures of her all dolled up before we left for church. I put her in her coming home dress (I put an onesie on underneath to keep her warm) and a little crocheted shaw since the dress is short sleeves. I was happy we were able to get one more wear out of the dress!

She wasn't particularly thrilled about going to church for the first time. But she eventually came around! This just cracks me up!

She was such a good girl at church and dinner afterwards at my mamaws. She slept most of the time but when she was awake she was very content in the arms of whoever was holding her at the time. She got passed around a lot ha!

Today was a day I have looked forward to for a long time. We realize that we are just her earthly parents and that she belongs to God and we want to please Him in all ways for giving us such a blessing. We want to be the best Christian parents we can be so that one day she will come to a saving knowledge of Him.

As we enter into to this week of Thanksgiving, I feel like my cup truly runs over. We have been so blessed in 2012 and I am so excited to finish the year making memories and starting traditions around the holidays!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hospital Pictures-Embry Side

Gammy has been looking forward to GGH's arrival for a long time! She was ready for grand kids well before we were ready to have them ha! Spoiled doesn't even begin to describe how she will be after spending some time with gammy.

Gran Stan
Stan loves babies and couldn't wait for Georgia Grace to get here.
Aunt Paige
We continue to hear how Georgia resembles my sister. I can see it, especially through the eyes!

Uncle Cody
Since Georgia has arrived, my mom has been putting up her unruly cat when we come to visit so Cody's room is now the cat's room ha! Sorry Cody! I know he loves GGH very much already.

 Mamaw Carolyn
Georgia is the first baby on the Porter side in 21 years! Mamaw will be keeping her on Wednesdays when I go back to work. The amount of stuff she has bought for her already is ridiculous :)

My dad is so proud of this little girl. And she is always so peaceful when he holds her, Marcus says he has the timing of his visits perfected ha!

This is a great picture of Dianne and Georgia! Meme is use to spoiling Cainan so I know she's excited to have a girl to spoil now!

Aunt Becky
I am so glad Beck was able to be there when she was born. I remember back 4 years ago staying up all night waiting for Cainan Dakota to make his arrival!

Mamaw Novis
The beautiful carseat quilt is one of her masterpieces. We get so many compliments on it and Georgia seems to really enjoy the warmth and safety it provides. Some people think I am mamaw's favorite [not true, she' doesn't have favorites she says ;)] so we all know how she feels about Georgia Grace!

Papaw Ernie
That's a proud papaw right there! He has been sick since we got home from the hospital. We are hoping he gets well soon so he can come visit.

The Grubbs
Keagen was actually the only one that was there exactly when Georgia was born which is a sore subject for the other two ha! They both went on to school that morning thinking she wouldn't be here until the afternoon and then they barely missed when Marcus brought her out for the first time. But they finally got to see her and hold her so all is well in the world :)