Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween & Going Home

We celebrated Halloween a little differently this year :)
We had a great day #2 celebrating Halloween in the hospital. We typically have somewhere between 500-700 trick-or-treaters so this year we caught a break ha! We had so many visitors. I would list them all but I know I would forget someone-thank you to all who came and loved on our baby girl. She will never be short of someone to hold her or love her!
We were discharged home on Thursday. Look at my big girl filling out that carseat! The quilt is one that my mamaw Embry made for her, it has ties that attach to the carseat. It will be perfect this fall/winter. The hospital took some great Going Home pictures for us that I will post soon! She was all decked out of course.

Here is the banner we were welcomed home to from Marcus' third grade class! I cried like a baby when I saw it. It was so sweet and I loved reading all of their messages. Marcus was able to Facetime with them today from home and I think they all really enjoyed that! I heard one of them say, "She's cuter than you Mr. Harrison" HA!

We are home and adjusting well. Big doggy brother Owen is totally in love with her. Anytime she wimpers or cries, he comes running and looks at us like, "Do something!" ha! We are transitioning well and enjoying being home in our normal environment. My mom and mother-in-law are alternating staying the night with us this first week and I know they will be a HUGE help to us in the days ahead as we are still a litttle "green" to parenting. But we are learning! We have also had other family members helping out tremendously by running errands, picking up things at the store, etc. We are blessed with such a strong support system and that has never been more apparent than now.

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