Monday, November 12, 2012

My Girl GGH

I am going to post more pictures from the hospital soon but for now I wanted to share some super cute pictures of Georgia Grace from this week!

This picture reminds me so much of my sister Paige. I posted it on Facebook and that was the general consensus from everyone else too! You know Paige is just eating this up!

And look at how long she looks in this picture! She was 19 inches at birth, Marcus had me to get the tape measure out to measure her this night and she appears to be well over 20 inches already.

We had newborn pictures taken by Julia last Friday. What an eventful experience that was ha! Georgia does not like being naked or doing anything but eating or sleeping so I'm sure we were difficult even though Jules would never tell me that :). I know they will be great! I will post them very soon!

And here she is sporting some legwarmers! We had socks on but had already lost them at this point. I wonder is every baby that way? We can't keep socks on her for anything. I think the legwarmers are darling and I see us investing in more in the future.

Today us girls (+ Owen) are enjoying a quiet day at home. Temperatures are dropping this week so I see lots of baby cuddling in the near future!

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