Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hospital Pictures-Embry Side

Gammy has been looking forward to GGH's arrival for a long time! She was ready for grand kids well before we were ready to have them ha! Spoiled doesn't even begin to describe how she will be after spending some time with gammy.

Gran Stan
Stan loves babies and couldn't wait for Georgia Grace to get here.
Aunt Paige
We continue to hear how Georgia resembles my sister. I can see it, especially through the eyes!

Uncle Cody
Since Georgia has arrived, my mom has been putting up her unruly cat when we come to visit so Cody's room is now the cat's room ha! Sorry Cody! I know he loves GGH very much already.

 Mamaw Carolyn
Georgia is the first baby on the Porter side in 21 years! Mamaw will be keeping her on Wednesdays when I go back to work. The amount of stuff she has bought for her already is ridiculous :)

My dad is so proud of this little girl. And she is always so peaceful when he holds her, Marcus says he has the timing of his visits perfected ha!

This is a great picture of Dianne and Georgia! Meme is use to spoiling Cainan so I know she's excited to have a girl to spoil now!

Aunt Becky
I am so glad Beck was able to be there when she was born. I remember back 4 years ago staying up all night waiting for Cainan Dakota to make his arrival!

Mamaw Novis
The beautiful carseat quilt is one of her masterpieces. We get so many compliments on it and Georgia seems to really enjoy the warmth and safety it provides. Some people think I am mamaw's favorite [not true, she' doesn't have favorites she says ;)] so we all know how she feels about Georgia Grace!

Papaw Ernie
That's a proud papaw right there! He has been sick since we got home from the hospital. We are hoping he gets well soon so he can come visit.

The Grubbs
Keagen was actually the only one that was there exactly when Georgia was born which is a sore subject for the other two ha! They both went on to school that morning thinking she wouldn't be here until the afternoon and then they barely missed when Marcus brought her out for the first time. But they finally got to see her and hold her so all is well in the world :)

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