Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Georgia's Baby Dedication

Sunday we took Georgia Grace to church for the first time for her baby dedication. How fitting that it was also Thanksgiving Sunday! There's no question what I am most thankful for this year.

I took some pictures of her all dolled up before we left for church. I put her in her coming home dress (I put an onesie on underneath to keep her warm) and a little crocheted shaw since the dress is short sleeves. I was happy we were able to get one more wear out of the dress!

She wasn't particularly thrilled about going to church for the first time. But she eventually came around! This just cracks me up!

She was such a good girl at church and dinner afterwards at my mamaws. She slept most of the time but when she was awake she was very content in the arms of whoever was holding her at the time. She got passed around a lot ha!

Today was a day I have looked forward to for a long time. We realize that we are just her earthly parents and that she belongs to God and we want to please Him in all ways for giving us such a blessing. We want to be the best Christian parents we can be so that one day she will come to a saving knowledge of Him.

As we enter into to this week of Thanksgiving, I feel like my cup truly runs over. We have been so blessed in 2012 and I am so excited to finish the year making memories and starting traditions around the holidays!

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