Monday, August 5, 2013


We had an uneventful weekend at the Harrison homeplace. I really can't even remember much about it so it's a good thing I snapped a few pictures. 

Georgia Grace is still not feeling well. She has been on an antibiotic for 5 days now. She had a 100.0 temperature yesterday and 99.5 this morning.  I called her pediatrician this morning and they want to continue with the current antibiotic dosage and presribed an antihistamine for her drainage.  If she's not better by the end of the week he wants us to bring her in. I'm diligently praying this will not have to happen. Two weeks of being on again off again with sickness is no fun at all. I'm thankful she's typically a very healthy baby and my heart goes out to the babies and mommies who have to deal with sickness on a regular basis.

As I mentioned it's been a roller coaster with how she feels. She will act perfectly normal for a few days and then she will start feeling bad again. Friday night she was feeling so well (thank you children's advil) she decided to demolition her nursery! How old do they have to be before they start cleaning up their own messes?!? Ha!

My smiley baby Saturday afternoon after naptime. She has on a swimsuit cover-up that my dad gave her as a souveneir from their beach trip to Tybee Island. My cousin Payton came over Saturday to play with her for a while and when I went outside to hang up some clothes they came out to show me the outfit Georgia Grace had "picked out". Payt said she picked it up and waved it at her and just got all excited so she put it on her and she just squealed with excitement! It has tassles on the bottom she kept chewing and stepping on so it was quite a sight. We had fun watching her in her favorite tassle number! :)

Owen enjoyed us being home with him this weekend. He is such a good doggy brother and gets up with us when we have to get up with Georgia Grace at night. He typically sleeps in our bedroom but I've caught him in the nursery a few times this week. He can totally tell when something is wrong. I'm thankful for his commaderie and protection for his little sister.

Sunday we had nursery duty at church (Georgia Grace was feeling fine Sunday morning so we decided to go ahead and go). With a 3:1 boy:girl ratio (9 kiddos total) Mr. Marcus was a main attraction. We had our hands full but we are glad we can serve our church in this capacity. God always knows when it is fitting for us be in this environment. These children are a blessing from God.

Sunday Georgia Grace and I attended a baby shower for our neighbor and Marcus's colleague Holly. She is due with baby Jaycee Camille in September and this is the basket I made for her. I used some "pinspiration" and my girl mom style to assemble and arrange it. We can't wait to meet the newest addition to the neighborhood!
Even through all the yuckiness my baby girl still manages to look pretty as a picture. She's my little porcelain doll! I never tire of loving on this sweet child of mine.

I hope this is the last time I blog about sickness for a LONG time. Here's to a better week and a healthy baby!